Yes I changed my mind

Well at the end of my prior post I said it was likely I would change my mind about what project I wanted to do for Cross Stitch Camp and I did.  I want to save that chart I posted because the designer has several of them, similar style, similar size and I really want to stitch them all one below the other to make a long patriotic sampler.

But never fear I quickly came up with an alternate plan.  Instead of stitching something for the 4th of July Holiday, the holiday I will now stitch for is Christmas.  I want to get working on the couple of Christmas things I want to make as gifts so doing them as camp projects over the summer will be a good thing. The design I picked is from the same designer as my original patriotic choice and has so many great designs – TheSubRosaDesign on Etsy.  It’s called Winter Bird.


I love the dark gray of the fabric and I think I have some aida in a really similar color.  the only decision I need to make is if I want to make the bird red and change the package color to some other color if I do that.  But I have plenty of time to decide, and get floss pulled and find the fabric.  I also have the camp logo floss cards to put my floss on.

camp flosstags

July’s Camp project will also be a Christmas themed one since the challenge is a project you will finish in a way other than framing.  That will be the second santa and reindeer that I plan to mount on the wooden snowflakes I had gotten.  

As for what I’ve been stitching on most of this week – I pulled out Peahen Bird by Owl Forest Embroidery.

Here’s what it looks like

peahen bird - owlforestembroidery

And here’s where I’m at.  I wanted to work my way over to that big bird in the middle and should finish that off tonight.  I’m using the OFE flosses and they are just so pretty.