Cross Stitch Camp 2022

Yes, Cross Stitch Camp 2022 –  Sheri, owner of The Loopy Ewe, has done  virtual summer camps for years, first yarn camp, then quilt camp was added, then back to only yarn camp when the shop stopped carrying fabric.  I participated in many years of both and some years doing both yarn and quilt camp at the same time.  Well she has sold The Loopy Ewe and now she owns, her cross stitch shop, she started doing Cross Stitch Camp and has announced the challenges for summer Stitch Camp 2022 in her latest flosstube (ColoradoCrossstitcher) and on her shop’s website.

You can find all the info there but like other camps there is basically a challenge to be met during each of the months of June, July and August.  I think I did June and July last year but just played along on my own.  You need to use Instagram if you wish to become eligible for the many prizes given out throughout camp and so your participation can be tracked.  I decided I wanted to see all the other projects the other campers were working on so I finally set up an Instagram account.  There’s lots of SALs on Instagram and it might be fun to see other stitchers progress on the charts I’m stitching on but it’s not a format (Instagram) I see me using much – I don’t really need one more form of media that will keep me on the computer longer as it takes away from the actual “doing” projects time.  But if you are interested, I’m Justquiltin on Instagram, too.

I was going thru charts I have to see what I had that I might want to stitch for June Camp which is a holiday-themed project.  In the section of my charts that I want to “stitch sooner rather than later” were two charts which I had hoped to have finished so I could display  by Fourth of July.  Don’t know if it will be fully finished by then but if I do it for June Camp at least it will be stitched by the end of June.  love the clean, simple look and of course those quilty-looking stars.

Let Freedom Ring by SubRosa

It’s larger than it looks; stitched area on 18 count will be about 8-1/8″ x 4.5″. 

So one of these days I’ll pull some threads and fabric but – unless of course I change my mind on what project I want to stitch on between now and June 1 (which usually happened with my knitting and quilting camp projects!).