Frames ordered last week and a few other things…

This is one of those posts that is more for my own personal information so I don’t forget which frame I ordered for which project when they arrive.  I was just cleaning off the table and nearly tossed out the note with the frame sizes and project info for these frames so decided to put photos of them here so I can match them up when they arrive.

The first is the frame I ordered for Mighty Acorn.

The second is for Miss Bingley’s Library.

The third one is for Peahen – an Owl Forest design I started a while back and put a few stitches into in between other projects. I don’t have a current photo of where I’m at  but I’m still working my way around the bird border.

I also have on my “want to stitch list” a couple projects that would look great in a circular frame.  I found this one and it’s lovely. It does have a hanger on the back so you could hang it on the wall but I loved it because of the little easel that came with it.

And there was some ignoring of the “no buy commitment” stash items (frames don’t count) but I have reasons, really I do!  Okay the reason I ordered a kit (chart and floss) for a chart was I had seen a sneak peak of it and thought it was so pretty and when it went on preorder I wanted to order it – but I forgot until yesterday and figured it would be sold out but no – the kit I wanted (floss and chart only) was still available so I decided I was meant to have it.  (I think that’s an excellent reason and I emailed Judy to see if she had seen it -always best to have a “comrade in arms” when ignoring rules – and she had already ordered it!  Hmm… I didn’t ask her why she hadn’t told me about it in case I hadn’t seen it!) 🙂  So “Janet Haigh Pratt 1883″ will be headed my way later this month and it will be a sweet, petite stitch since on 18 count it would be 6.5″ x 6.625”.  And I surprised myself by liking it so much because it has pink in it and a fairly good amount of pink but the other three colors and that pink work so well together (plus two of the other colors are gold and green – green being my favorite color and gold a close second behind it).

And, since I have been stitching and finishing so many projects since the beginning of the year, my 18 count hand dyed aida choices are dwindling drastically.  I have a couple larger pieces but don’t want to use them since I’m keeping them for the larger charts on my list.   So when I saw that had a new shipment of Forbidden Fiber 18 count, I quickly ordered several fat eighth pieces (13″x18″) which seems to be the size I use the most.    Colors from right to left are: Frozen, Tumbleweed, Waterfall, Granite and Woodland.  I think I may use the Granite for Janet Haig Pratt 1883 and will still have enough left over for another project on that color.


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