Miss Bingley’s Library progress

A photo that’s not Mighty Acorn – can you believe it! ūüôā¬† ¬†I picked back up Miss Bingley’s Library and have made some progress on that.¬† This is a fun stitch¬† (yes I say that all the time) but little blocks of color, big blocks of color, it’s a simple stitch.¬† ¬†Mighty Acorn had that viney border and lots of branches and twigs with little leaves and buds (or may be they were baby acorns but I stitched mine on the little twigs to¬† look like bittersweet berries).¬† But lots of little areas of just a few stitches and then a color change to fill in around all the larger motifs.¬† ¬†This one has lots of areas you can outline and then just fill in without referring to a chart.

miss bingley's library

I changed the flag from British to resemble US.¬† I love the flowers in the pot – they remind me of bachelors buttons – a favorite flower of mine.¬† I put a few rows in on the roof, and when I finish a thread of that, switch to something else.¬† I’m working on the stacks of books on the chimney and am ready to start adding Miss Bingley to the top of the stack after I add the long stitch lines on the book spines.


I’ve got a new little lamp charging to try out tonight.¬† It’s a little clip on rechargeable light.¬† Since I don’t have to use a magnifier, I wanted just a little lightweight light that I can clip on my hoop so I can take it to work and stitch on my lunch hour at the office more easily and when I go visit my parents I wanted a little light to take with me so I can stitch there.¬† So will give that a test run to see if I like it and also see how long it will hold a charge at the brightness level I want.¬† It has several settings for brightness and color of the light.