A Sunday Outing

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.    It is definitely not a sunny Mother’s Day here – cloudy and gray but and looks like it could rain although I don’t think it’s supposed to.

This morning a friend and I had breakfast in a restaurant we hadn’t been to in over two years.   And surprisingly we beat the Mother’s Day rush.   It was fairly empty until just as we were leaving when a couple groups of families (10 -12 people each) had just come in.    Yum it was good and we didn’t have to wait for a table.   We beat the rush because I had the first appointment of the morning at a nearby Walgreens to get my second booster vaccine so I’m all boosted which is good because after next week I’m going to send my “chauffeur” back into retirement and start taking the bus to and from the office.  Just a week or so ago they removed the mask mandate for the bus, but I will still be wearing one and was pleasantly surprised when I rode the bus home one night last week to see that more than half the people on the bus were still wearing their masks.

progress 5-6-22


I made some good progress on Mighty Acorn yesterday.  Here’s where I ended on Friday night – still working on the half of a purple leaf.    I had just about everything done on the top last night and was adding in that gold leaf that you see below and realized that leaf wasn’t going to fit.   Rats, I had gotten part of the twigs/buds in the wrong place.  I was going to try to fudge it but the leaf would have looked weird so I ripped part of the branch out.    I have used a bit of artistic license where some of the little items are added but I think I will just leave it as is and add the twigs back in where I can fit them since it’s just sort of filler stuff anyway.   I am loving the way the Whiskey floss is looking in that leaf; it has great shading in it creating the light/dark bits from the same piece of floss.


Then as I was putting away some of the smaller finished stitches that I was thinking about doing a brick finish on, I was looking at O Tidings of Comfort & Joy and wondered if it would fit in a standard 5×7 frame.   It will ,and when I went thru the ones I had on hand ,I have one that will look good with it.  


It’s sort of a dark blue and has a drybrush look of taupe, or a color close to the floss color I used, over the blue.   So here is another one that could be framed.  I’m still undecided though whether to frame it or do the brick finish but will figure it out before the next framing/finishing session.  But I do have options now.

tidings of joy