Back to Mighty Acorn stitching

Now that I’m caught up on framing, I switched back to stitching on the Mighty Acorn the last two nights.


Got the flower finished – changed the inner flower petal color to Whiskey – the same color I’m using in the inner zig zag border.  I ended up using the called-for color, Swamp Water, for the window panes.  I wasn’t sure how it would look with the purple house but I like it.  I’m also going to use that color for the stoop outside the door and make the door whatever color I used for the window sashings and roof.  That house is a lot of solid stitching so I’ve worked on some of the other things saving the house fill in for when I just want some easy stitching.

I do love the cute little squirrel sitting on top of the chimney and once I finish the front stoop for  and the house I can get the next squirrel added that is running across the front yard.  I also changed one of the colors in the motif above the flower and haven’t decided if I like it or not but I’ll leave it as is until I have stuff around it stitched in and see what I think.  But I like how this is coming along.