An even dozen

The framing frenzy is over and here are the last three pieces I framed last night.  The first is from a past issue of Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher magazine.


The next is Home for the Holidays by Shepherds Bush.  I think the loopy border was a great addition and it fills up the frame nicely.


And lastly, A Changed World, that Jo, Judy and I did as a start along project.  Such a beautiful stitch.


So here is a collage of everything I’ve finished the framing on in the last week.

14 comments on “An even dozen

  1. Out of the dozen you framed recently, my favorite is the red cardinal with the black frame that has the red edges. Really striking!

    • I really like that one too – simple but striking. My Quaker Redbird will be framed in a really similar frame. Same style but I think red lines are arranged differently on it. I think they will look good next to each other on the red bird area of the wall. Unfortunately that’s one of the frames I’m missing some brackets on so will have to wait until the next framing frenzy to get that one done.

  2. I love seeing your finishes, they are all so beautiful! I have a stack of things to be framed or finished into little pillows or cute projects but just keep stitching instead. I have to do some research and find out how to do the finishes I want. Glad to see you are getting yours finished to enjoy!

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of your pieces framed. You inspire me to keep stitching on a large piece I’ve been working on forever….. Do you have a large display wall or do you scatter throughout your home?

    • Well, when I actually get some on the walls of the apartment (none are hung yet but there are some displayed on bookshelves/cabinets), I do have a large blank wall space for most of them, the ones with red birds will hang on an opposite wall next to my cardinal quilt, and the Told in a Garden Amish-themed series will hang in my bedroom.

  4. Wow, you’ve been a busy girl!! Very nice choice of frames on all of them. Love the black frames on the Prairie Schooler and A Changed World. You inspire to get busy and do some finishing!

  5. All of them are great. I need to get busy so I can have some finishes! I just need to get my eyes to cooperate.

  6. Wow! They all look great!! I too favor the winter cardinal! It’s making me want to go get it and stitch it! A Changed World looks fantastic too! It is reminding me to go look for frames for my finished. I have a trip coming up so it’ll have to be after my return.

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