Eighth framed piece of the week!

Yep I’m on a roll; this is framing finish number eight of the week. This is the Silent Night Sampler. This was the one I had the hardest time picking a frame for. Black would have been to stark against it and I just didn’t think brown would look particularly well either. These pastel colors in the stitch aren’t my usual colors but finally found this pewter/burnished silver looking frame and I’m very happy with the combination.


ETA – I had to go back and look at this piece after I uploaded the photo.  It is the angle the photo is taken from which makes it look a bit crooked.  I’ll have to get a better final photo.

Last night I finished adding the loopy border around Home for the Holidays so that one is ready to frame now also. 


Once it’s framed I need to add a dot of Aleene’s Glue to the back of that big snowman button because he lights to tip sideways as does the wreath above the door.  Those were not fun to sew on – you need the skinniest beading needles to get thru those holes.

In my looking thru finished things I also came across this little paddle that once the stitch is finished into a flat, it should fit perfectly.   The stitch is from the same book as Mighty Acorn that I’m working on, Winds of Autumn – Blackbird Designs, and it is called Spell of the Moon.

spell of gthe moom

This was also in the box of finishes but it was from a piece from a prior cross-stitching life (’90s/early 2000) and the frame had broken so I took it out but kept it.  Can’t remember if I showed it previously or not.


When I get around to doing all the soft finishes (non-framing like pin pillows, etc) , I think I may turn this into a drum.  All that backstitching and all those half stitches that make up the ground and sky ! but that was the style of the day.  I love the first boy in line in his mustard colored shirt and knickers.


Today’s plans – well I’m waiting for the bathroom floor to dry – I steam cleaned it this morning.  The kitchen floor needs that too but I promised a friend I’d make some cutout cookies and found a recipe that is supposed to taste like Starbuck’s snowman cookies (yum) – it’s just a butter cookie recipe and I love that type of shortbread cookie.  Alas my cookies will only have regular frosting and not the yummy chocolate layer Starbuck’s uses but I love a good frosted cookie.  But I’m a messy cookie maker so the floor will wait until I’m done.

It’s a dark, gray and dreary day here and looks like it could rain any moment (and did rain last night)  but it’s low 50’s so I’ve got the door cracked open and a bit of fresh air coming in which is nice.   On to the cookie making and I think I have two other pieces I want to get framed today!


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  1. Wow, you’ve been a busy bee! Love that Christmas Sampler. I have that chart but it might take me a while to get to it. Maybe if I can get my eyes fixed in July I’ll be able to stitch a little faster.

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