And #9 framing of the week….

I was going to frame Home for the Holidays and A Changed World this afternoon but the final frame I was waiting on, for Winter Rose Manor, was delivered this afternoon so after baking the cookies, I had to get that one framed right away.  This is the frame I loved the most when I picked it and I do really like it, just not my most favorite one.  But I love how this turned out – especially that big mustard-colored house so much better than the usual pink houses as charted (says the person who does not really like pink) and the teal color I added in.

Winter at Rose Manor

Now as for those cutout cookies — one should always make sure they have all the ingredients on hand before starting to bake.     I was making cutout butter cookies which have powdered sugar in them as well as needing powdered sugar for frosting.  As I had the butter creaming in the bowl, I grabbed the cannister for powdered sugar.  Hmm definitely not much in there.  I was sure I had a bag or two in the cupboards.  Checked them all and found just a little bit in a bag.   It was just enough all together to make the cookie recipe but none for frosting.  So finished mixing the cookie dough when needed to chill a bit and then placed a grocery order to be delivered tomorrow norming so I can get them frosted tomorrow.  Just before that I had noticed when doing a load of laundry that the laundry detergent was nearly out so I checked all the other staples I don’t use often like cooking oil,  wax paper, aluminum foil — all those things you don’t realize you are out of until you need them — so a restock of some basics will be arriving tomorrow along with that powdered sugar so I can get those cookies frosted and packed to take into work on Monday.

I also just noticed, when looking to see if there was rain predicted for tomorrow morning, that there’s currently a tornado watch.  It did start raining a bit ago but just a nice shower although there may be a rainbow somewhere because the sun is actually shining after a mostly dark day.  And, as I opened the door to see if had gotten really humid or anything (nope) I noticed the trees and scrubby shrubs on the hill have FINALLY started to get green buds on them.  I can’t really call them leaves but they are the promise of leaves so I guess spring has finally arrived.

I’m planning to get the last two stitching projects framed that I had pulled out to do this week and then I can get the framing supplies put away for awhile.

7 comments on “And #9 framing of the week….

  1. That really is a lovely frame! I also liked the pewter frame for your last final finish. Stay safe in the tornado watch. Having lived in Oklahoma several times it always made me edgy….especially at night!

  2. Wow! Just wow- all the finishes are lovely hard to choose a favorite. I know some are gifts- what lucky people . Enjoy the remainder of your weekend

    • Thank you – I’m debating to clean up some of the mess I made or just wait until later this week to do that and stitch all day since it’s another gloomy rainy looking day.

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