The Purple House

I was able to start adding the purple house into Mighty Acorn.  I think it will look good.

purple house

I stitched in some partial areas in order to help me count over to where the house placement started.  I did just the inner zig zag border on the right side.  and that’s a large sunflower growing next to the house that I have partially stitched.  I’ve made several color changes so far; all the called-for flosses are Weeks Dye Works.  The purple house, of course, is a change from the goldish brown (Schneckley) called for in the chart. My Schneckley was a very drab more brown color.  The purple I used is WDW Taffeta.  The zig zag border was supposed to be Dirt Road; again, as the name implies, a very similar brownish color to the outside color.  I changed that to Whiskey.  I’m also going to change the zig zag border a bit.  In places there are only parts of the zig zag stitched, leaving out stitches here and there, and switching to only a 2 stitch high zig rather than three. Those missing stitches don’t really interfere with the rest of the design if they would be stitched, so I’m just going to stitch a continuous 3 stitch  zig zag.  I also changed the color of the sunflower vine from Oil Cloth to Oscar.  Again, Oil Cloth was more dead flower vine color than living.  Oscar can sometimes look more brownish than green to me but I think once I get the sunflower on top of that vine (I will be stitching most of the flower in Whiskey rather than the same original house color so it pops a bit more).