Time got away from me

Earlier this morning I mixed up a meatloaf and put it in the fridge.  I was so busy cleaning up things (and messing up things but more on that later) that it’s now after 6:30 PM and I forgot to put it in the oven.  Oh well, guess I know what I’ll be having for dinner tomorrow night since I don’t feel like putting it in now.

I had been working on putting clutter away where it belongs, laundry – the usual weekend stuff – and decided to make a start at clear off the sewing room table.  It had charts I had pulled out, the box with stitches that need to be finished, frames and other things that had just gotten tossed in a box so I started sorting, putting away, and looking for things I had maybe stored “safely away” that I had forgotten about.  You never know – I found that perfect frame yesterday. 

Then as I was allegedly cleaning…. I knocked the container holding all the cross-stitch fabric onto the floor and of course since they most all in plastic bags, they slid out all over the place.  Sigh…..up to that point I was nearly done sorting thru the cross stitch stuff.

In the midst of cleaning I found this project bag that just makes me laugh every time.  I had ordered one for me and one for a friend and thought I had mailed hers to her a long time ago.  Nope, because I know mine is at the office with my office stitching project in it (and when one of my bosses saw it he wisely backed away) 🙂  


So this one has now been put in the to be mailed pile before it disappears again. The fabric spewed across the floor has been dumped into a box and is now sitting by my stitchy chair so I can finish sorting it all back into sections by fabric count tonight. But as I was looking thru it I was thinking about how much I have learned since re-entering the cross-stitch arena after 19 or so years being away from it and all the changes in supplies since then. For instance the many choices of fabric and my likes/dislikes and not having to use a fabric because it is the only brand available which was the norm back then. So I was pulling a few fabrics out which I know I won’t stitch on, which leads me to my question for today for you if you are an aida stitcher:

What is your MOST favorite (if you could ONLY pick ONE) type of aida to stitch on? So for instance do you prefer a stiffer aida, more solid colors or more of a mottled look, and your favorite fabric count if you could only choose stitch count of aida to stitch on? Inquiring minds want to know….

Now the real question for me is what am I going to have for dinner! Oh and I found several more finished stitches that I think I already have frames to fit so they are back on my list to finish up – like my Changed World. That definitely needs to get framed in the next few days.

Two fully finished stitches – 4-24-22

This morning I decided to frame two small pieces (I was procrastinating on other chores I should do) so grabbed the framing tape, cut the foam core and batting, ironed the stitches and got to work.  In no time at all I had two framed stitches – one as a gift and the other for me.

garden friends

Garden Friends – – Blackbird Designs Sewing Cub

I absolutely love everything about this stitch!  The chart stopped after Hollyhocks but there would have been a little too much top and bottom unstitched space for this standard 5×7 frame.  I pulled out the book and found some little border sections used in a companion piece to this design and fit them into the space below the words and it now fits perfectly.   Have I said how absolutely beautiful I think this one is?  🙂  It’s going to be the perfect gift.  

Next up was the Busy Bee Sampler.  I love the simplicity of this one; you can have a pretty stitch with just  a few little motifs and I absolutely adore that bee.  

busy bee sampler

Busy Bee Sampler by Willow Hill Samplings

So I don’t always order custom-size frames; these were from two different three-packs of frames from Amazon.  I have found the three-packs to be less expensive than if I were buying three separate single frames in this size and I think each of the 3-packs I got were $15 – $20.  So you can easily add to a design if your stitch is a bit too small for a frame or figure out frame size before stitching and maybe you  can adjust your fabric count size to make it work in a standard frame size if you don’t want to buy custom size.

Ok, I’ve told myself I must do some cleaning before continuing on with any more framing and I might do a bit of baking.   So I will contemplate what I want to do the finishing on next – there are a couple more pieces to be framed on the sewing room table and a few others I need to figure out how I want to finish them, whether framing or other type of finish.   But as for these two – I shall just admire them from across the room until I have to stick one of them in the mail.  Yep, I’ll say it again – I’m so happy with the way these turned out.