My new hoops arrived today.   They are lovely and very sturdy looking so I can’t wait to actually try them out stitching tonight.   I have been wanting wider hoops (after reading about them in various places) because some stitchers said they are easier on your hands than holding onto a thinner wooden hoop.  Whether that’s true or not, who knows, and like everything, people will all have different opinions. I think with the issues I have with one of my hands that they will be a good thing for me; only time will tell.   The thing is only a very few stitching shops in the US had them listed on their website but they were all out of stock.  There were a couple of brands I came across and all manufactured in the UK. So I forgot about it for a while, figuring the dreaded “supply chain” issues might be affecting stock for a while.  Then about 2 weeks ago I just happened to search for them again and found these.  Sheryl and a couple others asked me where I had ordered them from, and I was withholding that information until I actually received them and saw them in person. 🙂  These came from Etsy at CraftyImaginationsUK and I got a set of 4″, 6″ and 8″ hoops that are 24mm wide so just shy of one inch.  The brand is Nurge.


I will say that I doubt I will use the 4″ one for stitching.   I like a bit more stitching area.   I normally stitch most things with a 6″ hoop and occasionally a bit larger one so the 8″ will be good for that.  The hardware is sturdy and attached well, wood is smooth so I’m very happy with these.   They arrived in 10 or 11 days from the UK after I ordered.


And I even have a little finish to show you today.  As I was cleaning up all the floss mess and getting everything organized back into their project bags on the weekend, I left out this little wreath that I had about 3/4’s done.  The background fabric is a pretty light green mottled looking fabric but I can’t  get it to show up true to color in a photo (or at least it looks more grayish on my monitor).  I think it  must be a Fabric Flair aida because it’s printed rather than dyed. I have a finish in mind (another wooden piece I found in the cleanup that I had forgotten about) for just a fun little finish which may go to Mom for Mother’s Day.  I added the center letters/heart and added more single stitch flower buds than the chart had it in and it turned out very springy looking. It was a bit slow going to stitch because there’s three shades of purple in those flowers so a lot of counting from flower to flower as I was trying to fill in all one color before switching  to the second shade.  So there inevitably was some ripping involved where I got off (which is why it got set aside for a while) but turned out so pretty in the end. The finished stitched area is only about 2.75″ wide.


7 comments on “Hoops

  1. Very pretty little stitch. I’d use that small hoop as a frame and change it with a new stitch each month or season.

    • I’ll be on the lookout for problems. With the world situation timelines could be very iffy but at least though Amazon we should be able to get relief if needed.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this post! I’ll take a look at them. According to what I read Nurge is a great brand.

    I actually found some made by Klass & Gessman on Amazon. They are from Bulgaria. I prefer oval hoops to round ones but I hope this will help. I tend to get cramps in my hands when stitching for a while.

    • Just a word of warning for what it is worth — I had ordered those K&G hoops from Amazon, shipping from Bulgaria. They were ordered before I found the Nurge hoops (and I still wanted the Nurge). The K&G were supposed to have arrived already according to the original expected delivery date when I ordered April 6. Every time I check the status, the delivery dates have been moved out – several times. Allegedly they will be received the end of May – more than a month after the original expected receipt date. I’m not confident they will arrive but time will tell. That’s why I didn’t mention the Amazon ones in my blog post.

  3. Very cute little stitch! Can’t wait to hear how you like the new hoops. I’ve tried just about everything and for right now I am going hoopless:)

  4. Lovely! Perfect for Mom because Mother’s Day is early spring when lilacs, the different purples like in your wreath bloom here.

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