Sunday Stitch – Sunflower Row – 4.10.22


Just a quick snap of the progress I made on Sunflower Row after pulling flosses last night.  I only had one of the called for colors so picked colors similar to the photo.  I wish I would have had a bit brighter color for the side of the house I’m working on now.  If I’m in a ripping out mood later when I pick this up to work on, I may take out what I have stitched so far and switch the color.    Actually, I just grabbed it again and it looks different in indoor lighting than the photo that was taken outside and that color appears brighter indoors so not going to change the color.

It’s a warm (low 50s) day when I stepped out to take this photo but really really windy. But it will help dry out all the soggy ground from the snow and rain of earlier this week.