It’s a miracle – the border met up

I completed the inner line of the border, making it up as I went along and was pleasantly surprised  (ok I was amazed really!) to see that it met up since I hadn’t actually charted it out.  I just basted center lines to make sure I was getting lined up correctly at all four quarter lines and hoped for the best.  Whew! it worked and I managed to get all angled corners in correctly. It’s looking a little wonky and not reallly square but that is down to my photo taking abilities and having just come out of the hoop.


So tonight I’ll be adding in those red triangles and black line below in all the sections and then see if I want to add anything else.  I may add a single red line a row or two outside the entire border line but want to get the triangles finished first and see what I think.  I was also going to add some little doodads or motifs within the inside but I think I might like it with just the border so will wait to see what I think once the border is finished, and I may actually wait until I get the frame to see if I think it needs anything else.  I also know what frame I want – similar to this one that I bought for a cardinal stitch I have finished.  – Okay when I went to look for the photo for the frame I got for the stitch below, I obviously never posted a photo of it to show you what frame I picked. I’ll have to pull it out but it’s a mostly black frame with a bright red line incised in it.   But the photo below reminds me that I need to pull out the cardinal below because I want to add a little border around the stitch to make it fit better in the frame – I ordered it just a tad too large so maybe just a continuous black line 2 or 3 stitches outside the edges of the existing stitched area should do it.


I’d like to get both of these finished soon so I can get them hung up on the wall next to my favorite cardinal quilted wall hanging I made.