I’m torn

I just finished stitching the leaves under the bunnies (and instead of stitching them green, changed the color on the little dangly things – berries, buds, I’m not sure what they are they seem to be part of the carrot tops turned upside down – but mine look more like berries.  Anyway – I think these bunnies are so cut as is.


I can just see this with some coordinating fabric used with it for a little pin pillow – rather dainty and sweet looking.    I had thought of stitching the carrot row below the bunnies but I think they will detract as they are about as big as the bunnies.   I’ll set this aside and work on something else for a few days while deciding if I want to add anything more to this but I think all the stitching may be finished on this one.  The button tails won’t get added till I’m ready to finish it.  And I really like the way it looks with two colors of chocolate bunnies rather than just one.

More Chocolate Bunnies

Happy Sunday.   I had been working all week on Honest Abe and last night was thinking I needed a change.   I have a couple Easter /Spring smalls I had stitched last year that I want to get fully finished for Easter this year and More Chocolate Bunnies is one I want to add to that stash so pulled some fabric, floss and got started on it last night.


I’m not using the called for threads – they were a brand I don’t use – but pulled a combination of DMC and hand-dyed floss in similar colors.  I decided to make my bunnies both dark chocolate and milk chocolate.  They have tiny white buttons for their tails which came with the chart.

I’m going to change some of the colors up a bit.  That green leafy section right below the bunnies, I am going to make those look more like flowers and changing the colors for some of the words.  The fabric I’m using iss 18 count Miners Dust from To Dye For Fabrics.

As for Honest Abe – here’s where I was last time I showed it.


And here’s where I am now – working on a house in the middle section.   Abe is only partially stitched because that’s the bottom end of the particular page of the chart I’m working on.


Okay – so you know the “no buy” thing that Judy and I started doing this year with respect to cross stitch stuff.  Here Judy was talking about the new market releases (and if you check out Theresa Kogut’s new releases you will see one model stitched by Judy!).  Anyway, she said the Enforcement Officer (me) wouldn’t let her buy any charts but part of the beauty of being the Enforcement Officer is you can grant “Chart Amnesty” under certain conditions.  So the Enforcement Officer emailed Judy yesterday the Amnesty Coupon below.


And I fully fessed up to her that this is a somewhat self-serving Amnesty since there’s something I want. I had looked at many of the charts being released at market and with most of them, either didn’t call to me or I looked at them and thought “That’s similar to a chart I already have” or I just have other charts I want to stitch first, etc. so don’t need to order it at this time.   But there is one chart, which I consider sort of a companion piece to Winter Rose Manor.  It’s called Rejoice Evermore – love the blue birds on it, an adorable house (not so huge as Winter Rose house), similar little octagon motif as Winter Rose.   I love this chart, I want this chart now (before the No Buy rules allow purchasing after Thanksgiving) because I want this to be my Easter start or my birthday start so I think I will be placing my preorder for it.


Winter Rose Manor Progress – 2-20-22

I made some good progress yesterday during my stitching time between some other tasks.  I changed up some colors and a few other things and am excited to get this one finished and in a frame in the not too distant future. Here’s where I had left off last time I showed this.


I have now stitched in all the windows, finished the roof. I added the year, the initial for my last name (first and middle initial will be stitched in a different area of the chart, stitched in the basket of vines/flowers sitting on the fence.  I also added some color to the gate of the fence – the accents that are stitched in the same color as the door, are just left blank in the chart but I wanted to pull that door color into a few more places in the chart.  The basket of flowers on the fence only had the dark red berries charted – I wanted more berries so added some in the peach color of the flowers the cardinals are sitting on as well as the lighter tealish shade I had used for the second floor window valances.  Two hearts added.  Flowers (the same color as the house) were added to the top flower to the right of the hexagon design and the flower pot below that was stitched.

Here’s where I left off last night.


I’m working on the big basket of flowers on the roof. After solidly filling in that roof, I decided to add a bit of fun to the basket on the room and just added a section of stitching every other stitch rather than the solid stitching it was charted in. Below are a few close ups of some of the various areas.


When I was looking for something yesterday I think I found a baggie of floss from an order that I hadn’t put away and got buried in a basket that contains one of the missing colors of floss I need for the Honest Abe sampler.  One of these days I’ll get back to my Sunday Stitching projects but think I’ll switch back to Honest Abe – President’s Day is Monday so I think I’ll stitch on that project most of this week before setting it aside for a while to work on other things.

We got a smattering of snow Friday night and it and more is rapidly melting – it’s 49 degrees right now but doesn’t feel that warm because of all the cold damp in the air.  I’ve got some cooking and baking I want to get to today so I’d better get busy.

Stitching progress this week

I’ve been working most of this week on Honest Abe and here’s where I am.


I was thinking (when I made a prior comment) that book at the top was a bible – and as I was stitching it – duh – it’s a law book – I knew that.   And I don’t have the floss color that is used in the side of the pages so will have to see what I have that’s similar.   Although it doesn’t look bad in this photo – in reality the floral motif next to the blue and white star has two shades of gold in that urn (sort of cornucopia shaped urn) and the light color might need to be changed.   I has happily stitching along under my bright light where of course it shows up well) but when I glanced at it not under the light, hmmm that gold doesn’t show up so well against my background fabric (which is really washed out above).  So I decided I’ll stitch some of the things around it and see if that makes it pop a bit more.  Last night I thought I’d never get all that little black triangular border done but I made it to the right side and all my points line up with the points of the border above.  Whew!  But after doing that I decided I needed a break from that piece and put a few stitches in Winter Rose Manor.

I originally didn’t think the window valance color was showing up but in the two windows where I had the valance in, I put in the background color below the curtains and that made the valance pop a bit more.  


Since I had the lower left and upper right windows finished with the light-colored valance. I may do the top row and the other bottom window with the light valances and then if I can find a good shade – lighter than the color of my door – I may make the middle row of windows and the upper side window valances that color. Who the heck has every window valance the same in real life – not me. But it will depend on if I can find the color I’m picturing in my mind in the stash. Also got a bit more roof done last night.

So I’ll likely work on this one tonight and then go back to Honest Abe thru at least President’s Day.

Moving on

Finally yesterday (after having to rip back at least one more time after last time I posted) I was able to get that right side of the ribbon in place.   I couldn’t read my own notes about something which just made things even crazier.   It wasn’t charted to end symmetrically with the border above it so even tho I did restart it to fix that, I had made my own mistake when starting the other end and needed to copy that mistake at the other edge to make it all work out — I forgot.


When I started yesterday I was at this point.  Those partial ribbon sections on the right I still had to rip out.  Did that, stitched it wrong, ripped back a bit, and I am finally moving forward.  I was so tired of working on those red and blue ribbon sections and they are repeated a second time except I get to make the same changes/errors to match the top section but mirror image since the bottom section is flipped upside down.  So I only started enough of the lower ribbon borders to get the vertical placement I needed in order to start the stuff below it.  So here’s where I am right now.  Not as much progress as I had hoped but all the ripping and restitching was a bit slow as I counted, recounted, checked my notes, checked the chart — all the things!


So here’s a better photo of the part I’m stitching below the ribbon sections.


So I am stitching on this today since I don’t feel like stitching all white today (which is where I am on the two Sunday Stitches projects in progress).   I think I will take one of the Sunday Stitches to the office to work on the snowman fill in during lunch so I can get past that section and move on to more exciting stuff.  But Sunday Stitches is all about enjoying the stitch and now that I’m past that ribbon area (which I will go back to and fill in in the not too distant future) I’m enjoying working on this.   I think after I’m finished with the motif I’m currently stitching I will go back to the top and finish the sword and there is a Bible – so that Bible seems an appropriate Sunday Stitch motif.

It’s another cold day here – tho the sun makes it look like it really isn’t 10 degrees outside but yes, when I stepped out to take the above photos in natural light it definitely feels at least that cold.  I had pulled out of the freezer yesterday part of a rotisserie chicken I had saved to make a pot of broth so I’ve got that simmering away on the stove since I forgot I wanted to start that earlier in the day and it was a bit late to start the crock pot.  The pork chops are also thawing for dinner and was trying to figure out what to make with them and spied the sweet potatoes that came in yesterday’s grocery order and the asparagus so that is dinner sorted and I don’t have to spend much time in prep (more time for stitching) since I’ll be tossing it all in the oven.

Fairy Floss Wand

No, I’m not talking about this – what some people call fairy floss (which of course in my world is called cotton candy).

Image result for cotton candy images

I’m talking about a handy little brush called a Fairy Floss Wand used to whisk away little fibers left in the aida after having to rip out floss.  When I got to looking at Honest Abe – no I had not in fact ripped out all the ribbon border I needed to.  I had put it away without removing the rest of the right side.  That has now been removed and as you can see in this photo (straight down from orange thing below the red plus sign border) remnants of the floss – blue and then to the right of that a bit of red – are stuck in the fibers of the fabric.

This little tool fits nicely into the little container of scissors, etc that I keep in my stitching basket next to my chair. It slides into that tube for storage and of course it has a sparkly step and the end of it that sticks out of the tube is sparkly too – like any fairy wand should be.  🙂  The tiny little bristles work better than any other thing I had tried using before so a great tool to have in my stitchy supply arsenal.


Now to start moving forward and actually putting stitches in.  I was having flashbacks to The First Thanksgiving project because the ribbon section I’m having issues with is NOT symmetrically aligned with the black/red border above it.  It makes no sense to me and I of course will be fixing that   So I’ve now checked out the rest of the chart and the right side border appears to be 2 stitches farther out from the rest of the piece than the left but I think I figured out why that is and might make sense.   But once again I noticed a couple little discrepancies between what the model stitcher stitched per the cover photo of rhe chart (same model stitcher as First Thanksgiving) and what is actually charted.  I’m beginning to see a connection emerging here, I think, since so far I’ve had no issues with charts other than First Thanksgiving and this one by this designer.    But as I was looking thru this chart, those seem to be the only two issues so onward!

That Big Yellow House

The main stitching (paint or siding equivalent) is done!  I was not going to sleep last night until I got that finished.  And then I decided to start on the door.  I wanted to change the color from the red color called  for in the chart to something else and as I was finishing up all that goldy/yellow house I kept thinking about one of my favorite colors of WDW floss – Teal Frost.  So, sleep could wait and I had to see how that color would look as the door and I just have the last little bit of the door to stitch. I really like the teal frost with the house color.

2-12-22 progress

I had been thinking as I stitched that door that I might use that same color for the curtain valances in the windows since the two windows I have already stitched with the called-for color, Roasted Marshmallow, aren’t showing up.  Or maybe see if I have a lighter shade along the lines of Teal Frost in the stash for the curtains.  I’m also thinking I may rip out the big flowers in the left/upper left border and change those colors to incorporate teal frost.  I never really liked the color combination in those flowers.  Decisions, decisions……     I will be adding bits of yellow and teal frost into some of the motifs I have left to stitch in the center too.

My plan is to put this one away now for a little while – it’s Lincoln’s birthday today so only fitting that I pull out the Honest Abe sampler.  My plan (at least as of today) is to work on Honest Abe from now thru Presidents’ Day.  I started this one Nov. 4, 2021.  Here’s where I left off the last time I worked on it.  This is one big chart and I would love to have it finished by November of this year.


I kept messing up on the ribbon and had the right half nearly done and had to rip it all back.  There’s another line of that ribbon under the words which I may do just enough of so I can get placement correct for the stuff under it and then I can go back and forth between finishing ribbons and working on some of the more fun motifs underneath it that aren’t so repetitive.  And a reminder of what this will look like.


The never-ending house

I have been stitching on this house the last three nights. Here’s where I had left off the last time I put it away to work on some other projects.

yellow house

So when I pulled this back out, first I finished outlining the windows because only two of them were completely done and the rest just had half stitches in place.  Then I went back to filling in the house.  There’s a whole lot of stitching in that house.  The photo below is where I finished during lunch today.  I’m hoping to get that house totally filled in tonight.


Sweetheart Pincushion Stitched

I finished the stitching on this last night so it goes to the “to be fully finished” pile.  I need to decide if I want to put the beads around the edges like in the book or not.  This is my 5th finish for 2022.


Sweetheart Pincushion – Blackbird Designs 2-7-22

Guess I’m going to have to figure out what I want to stitch on tonight.

Not quite finished

I had hoped to get this finished yesterday but, with dozing off for a while during my stitching time (due to staying up too late Fri/Sat nites) and wanting to put at least a few stitches into my Sunday Stitch yesterday, I didn’t quite get this finished but I’m close.

sunday progress

I ended up picking a third pink to get things to contrast a bit.  Pink 1 is the darkest color in the flower stems/leaves, border and half of the main flower urn are the main places.  The flower urn is actually checkered looking and that has Pink 1 and Pink 2 in it.   The heart and a few other areas are Pink 2 but Pink 2 was also supposed to be used for the flower buds but you couldn’t tell the difference between 1 and 2 in those areas so had to find Pink 3 – which is the lightest shade.  They play well together and I just have a few more motifs to finish off – hopefully tonight.

I did get a few stitches into the SS, but too boring to show as it’s just more white on the snowman.