1-25-22 stitchy update

I hadn’t intended to do a post tonight but as I was moving the work laptop off the stand and switching it out for my personal one, I knocked the camera off the table and sent it flying into the wall (who put that camera there anyway?!).  So decided I needed to take a photo to see if it still worked – yes, the camera survived the experience and I survived stepping outside the door (into the -1 degree weather) to snap a photo of my progress on First Thanksgiving.  You got to be quick so that the camera lens doesn’t fog up! (hmm and I just had the thought – what if I use the eyeglass de-fog cloth that keeps my glasses from fogging up while masked and going in and out in cold weather on the lens.  It might not fog up then.  I’ll have to try it.)

Here’s what I’ve accomplished since the last time I posted a photot of this.

1-25-22 prog

The words were added, the start of the gold border added, that star motif on the gold border done, and I’ve started on a basket of flowers.  I put a basting thread in to mark the center of the piece.  Since I changed the placement of some things to make it symmetrical, I’ll be working my way from center out to each side as I work my way down the chart.  That’s why I didn’t just stitch the entire gold border in – it may or may not end up being the same number of stitches in my piece versus as charted.