What was my Sunday Stitches Start?

I would feel bad just letting you wonder for a whole week what project I actually started on yesterday evening when I had finished off my prior SS project earlier in the day.  🙂  Your suggestions were all good but I really wanted to see how Frosty would look on this glittery looking fabric.


The snowman is sort of in shadow – that’s the only way I could get the sparkles to show up.  The fabric is 16 count Picture This Plus and the color is Crystal Whirlpool.   The sparkles are sort of an irridescent aqua/blue color.    I had about half the called for colors and just picked some others that were similar – most DMC.  The chart called for all DMC except 3 overdyeds and I happened to have those three.  And I was happy I also had all the snowman shades – he has about three colors of cream/light taupe type colors in him.  I may change a few of the colors in the kids clothing as I go.  And I will leave the words to last.  If I use those words – I would replace “christmas” with “winter” or maybe change it to “Embrace the Magic” or something similar but I  think I’m leaning more towards no words and adding more snowy swirls in that area, maybe some snowflake charms, etc.  It’s going to be a fun little stitch with the stitched area only being 4-3/4″ high and 7″ long which means it might be a good candidate for a brick finish.

That’s how far I got after pulling all the floss last night.  I put it away this morning and got back to stitching on First Thanksgiving for the 25 or so minutes I have time to stitch before leaving for work.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day of the year so far – double digits below zero.   Glad it is a work from home day for me!