Plymouth Plantation vignette nearly finished

I just couldn’t stay up long enough to finish off the Plymouth Plantation scene but it’s so close to being done.

I stitched the left and bottom border around it, added the tree in the middle, the ship’s mast/sails behind the house on the left, finished the roof of that left house and worked on the two rows of “ground” just above the bottom border and got those done from th right edge to the middle of the house.   So all that’s left to do in this area is finish those two rows of ground to the left border, add the “ground” between that open fence and do some backstitching to add the sail lines on the masts.  I do love it even tho the coloring is different than what I thought it would be.   The worlds “Plymouth Plantation” go below this area and I was wondering – I’ve of course heard of Plymouth Colonies but not Plantations so of course I Googled it.   There is a Plimouth Plantation (spelled with an “i”) in Plymouth MA – which is a living history museum and the designers absolutely nailed the look of the buildings, etc from there.  Here’s a couple photos I found of it.  That blue in the background is water so all that’s missing is the ships.

So next I’ll work on those words and continue to work down on the chart to start on the Thanksgiving prayer on the bottom of the chart since I think I’m going to need to make a few more spacing changes on the bottom and need those words in first to make the changes easier.  And I’ll save the flags and other stuff in the top section to later because I know there are spacing issues there and I just don’t want to have to think that hard today.  🙂  The American Flag has rows of stars but in the middle of those rows it’s kind of helter skelter and not neat rows so I need to take a look at that to figure out why they don’t continue in rows in the middle area and see if I can adjust it to get all 50 stars on it instead of a random number. Even if all 50 can’t fit in the blue field, then I think they should at least be straight rows so need to investigate that a bit more.

Today’s plans – need to get some laundry started, waiting on a grocery order to be delivered in an hour or so and, depending on whether the ingredients are actually fulfilled in my grocery order, I’m hungry for quiche and hopefully I’ll be making an asparagus, ham, mushroom one – my favorite.