Damn it’s cold

I worked from home today so didn’t have to venture out in the below zero/windy temps. but I popped out to take a progress photo in daylight before the sun went down and holy smokes it’s windy and frigid. I did have to keep turning the heat up through the day since the wind was blowing on my corner of the apartment building (the wind usually comes from the other side of the building) and the normal temp I keep it at was definitely not warm enough today.

I got a couple emails today wondering if the Cottage of the Month giveaways had been mailed out. Nope – with the holidays and being busy, I haven’t gotten them in the mail yet. I mail on days I’m actually in the office (since I’m not going into a Post Office and standing in line) and I knew I didn’t have all he addresses yet. Plus I’m just incredibly busy so by the time my lunch break rolls around I’m not wanting to print out labels and get more stuff in the mail. I did actually remember to take the charts into the office yesterday so at least they are in the right location to get mailed! 🙂 All that to say – nope they haven’t been mailed yet, it won’t be this week but maybe by the end of next week they will be in the mail.

So after I put away my Sunday Stitching project Monday morning (it’s turning out pretty and I nearly got it finished last weekend but will finish it this weekend), I pulled out The First Thanksgiving to work on that a bit again. Now we all know the issues Judy and I have had with the that chart – errors, many things the designer replied were purposely not spaced the same (even tho it looks like it should be a symmetrical design), spacing not the same in the chart as in the cover image done by the model stitcher (don’t know if the chart was changed or if the model stitcher just didn’t follow the chart). Don’t get me wrong, I generally love Twin Peak Primitive Designs and am working on others where there are not these same issues. But can I grouse about one more issue…………..

Here’s where I am at the moment. Let’s see – this week so far I finished both fence sections on the left side, added the water and tree on the left, and added the house on the left which still needs the roof finished.

One of my favorite sections of the chart is that Plymouth Plantation scene. Mine is turning out fine but it is really nothing like the coloring on the chart cover. I knew mine might look different – I was using the overdyed flosses and not DMC but the thing is the model was stitched with different flosses in many instances than either the DMC or the overdyed listed for the chart. I of course discovered this after ordering all the floss called for in the chart. So the cover image was done with changes made by the model stitcher — those charges are all listed in the chart book but seriously – the grapes were stitched in this color, the large leaves this color, the shoes, this color, the acorn bodys…. – you get the idea. A huge separate list of what the model stitcher did different than how it was charted. So many colors were changed – and not a total substitution by chart symbol – just by specific motif sections. And as I was comparing the DMC colors charted to the overdyed charted – the overdyeds are no where near the color of the DMC. Some of that could possibly be due to overdyed colors looking a bit different over time but there’s too many that are “bad choices” in my opinion. Now all that just that annoys me. I expect the chart cover image to reflect the chart (as charted – both in placement of stitches and in called for flosses – or at least one of the called for floss lists if more than one conversion is given).

Whew – now that I’ve “said that out loud” (you know what I mean), I can move on. I’m just going to continue to use the called for overdyes as charted unless there is something really bad looking and see how it all ends up. (one of the colors is Jack-O-Lantern – a very distinctive orange/blackish brown variegated which is the conversion for one of the pumpkin colors. Yeah – that is so not going to happen – it would look like there was a rotting pumpkin. Despite the pain this chart has been from day one, I still want to finish stitching this. I’ll probably stitch on this thru Saturday and then set it aside again and pick up one of my other WIPS to work on for a while.