Sunday Stitch – Third Project Start

I was digging thru the project bag of all my Sunday Stitches chart to decide what to start on next, I decided I didn’t feel like searching for lots of floss and there are several one color projects in my Sunday Stitches bag so I pulled out Love & Joy.  I also realized I didn’t have a photo of that one included on my Sunday Stitches page (which you can find in the top of the blog header) that shows the charts I have to choose from and shows the finished Sunday Stitches.   This was bought right before the “no buy 2022” moratorium went into effect.  It’s called Love & Joy and is such a pretty design.  The called for color is one of my favorite reds but I’ve got several red projects in the works and am getting kind of bored with red.  I knew I wanted a very mottled or variegated shaded thread and went to the group of Victorian Motto Floss from the variegated collection to see what I might have.

love & joy

The floss is called My Tapestry and goes from dark blue to purples and the fabric has a light purplish hue to it – Sprite by PTP.

I do kind of want to start the chart that I got to reflect the “Frosty the Snowman” song.

Frosty the Snowman

I think that is so cute.  I think I will change the word “Christmas” to “Winter” so it’s not Christmas specific or I may just leave off the words and put more swirls.  But I have the prettiest blue fabric with sparkles in it that I think will look so good.

But, I want to finish the current snowman chart I have in the works before I start another one.  both are Teresa Kogut designs and the other one, which I started last year, also fits my Sunday Stitches theme for this year.  I was working on it ab bit last night – Up on the Housetop.  Last night I finished the house color between the top row of  windows and the icicles and got a few more rows on the roof done.    I need to finish off that roof so I can get on with those three dancing snowmen on the roof.


Sunday Stitches – 1-16-22

Thanks for all the comments on the gold house – I think I’m going to like it but definitely needed a break from all that house stitching.  It’s a lot to fill in.  but the house will be easy to finish since I did tent stitch to outline where the windows are and am going back and completing the other stitch as I work my way up to a window so everything within the house and roof I won’t need to follow a chart on since it’s all outlined and ready to go.

Last night I didn’t feel like working on any of the other WIP so I pulled out my Sunday Stitches project a b it early.   I had started one of the bells from Bells of Christmas last Sunday.


Last Sunday I stitched everything except the words, little trees and snowflakes.  So last night I finished all that off.

I would change a few things if I were to restitch the bell I started with  – the one with the angel on it.

I used fabric that was slightly darker than the called for but the angel wings don’t show up as well as I would like.  They show up okay in the closeup but sort of fade away if not looking at it closely.  The dress is done in two colors and has a pattern in it.  I would just do it in one color if I were doing it again. You can see the pattern doesn’t show up well so just makes it look busy and really is a bother to stitch if you’re not going to be able to see it distinctly.  I would have preferred it in a single color.  The color for the staff I had to change because the called for disappeared into her wing color which could have been just a different dyelot issue but mine was a very yellowy color and the chart photo looks very tan.   The snowflakes are a bit hard to see too if not in closeup.  I dislike stitching things that just don’t show up well.

Peace on Earth - Bells of Christmas 1-16-22

Eventually I’m going to stitch the other bell but will put this chart away for not and work on something else.  So I need to delve into my bag of Sunday Stitches charts and see what I want to stitch on next and pull the flosses.