Saturday Slug-a-bed

I slept in so late this morning – but I hadn’t slept well all week so I guess I finally got caught up.   I’ve been puttering with various things the rest of the morning, not accomplishing much.  But some laundry is started, dishwasher just stopped and I need to go pull some hamburger out of the freezer since I think it will be meatloaf for dinner tonight.  Meatloaf, baked potato and veg – one of my favorite easy meals – and added bonus is I love leftover meatloaf sandwiches.



I’ve been stitching all week on Winter Rose Manor and making some good progress (and doing a bit of ripping along the way).  You know that big pink house… well you know pink is about my least favorite color.  The called for color doesn’t really look pink (hand dyed lots can change over the years and what I have is a not so pretty beige color).  I’ve bought several shades of pink in preparation for this hoping to get a color I could live with.  Most of them just don’t show up well on my fabric and the one color, Red Pear I think it was, that would show up when I started stitching with it just reminded me of the popular mauve and blue color schemes of the ’90s and I ripped it back out.  So I decided my house would not be pink but what color to make it. Hmm.  I really wanted a green house because you know I love all things green but with the called for green shades already in the chart, I just couldn’t find a good color green to go with them, especially since it calls for 2 skeins of the house color. Thought about a peachy colored house but couldn’t find a shade I liked that would show up well on my fabric.  So I decided to try my next favorite color – gold.  So found some Victorian Motto floss in the stash called Christmas Ornament (this I had been using for my New Year Sampler christmas start project before deciding to restart that with different fabric and flosses).    And that big gold house will take a lot of stitching to fill it in but all easy stitching since I outlined all the windows and doors already.

golden house

So here’s everything I have stitched on this so far.  I will be adding little bits of this gold to a few flowers or other sections.  I don’t really love the flowers in the upper right (design or colors) but not sure I really want to rip them out to put something else there.  I’ll just leave those for last to finish and see how I feel about them then.

yellow house

I think later today, when I get back to stitching, I may put this away for a few days and pull out First Thanksgiving (or some other WIP) to do a bit of stitching on.

And note to my friend Judy — tomorrow is Sunday so remember to work on your Sunday Stitches. 🙂