Sunday Stitches – 1-9-22

Here’s where I was where I had left off on Christmas Sampler in Red prior to my picking this up to stitch on it last Sunday.

I worked on it all day Sunday and then I enjoyed working on this one so much I decided to work on it last Monday also.  So two days of working on this project before putting it away and I made tons of progress.

The thread is DMC 115 which is a a variegated thread with a bit longer spacing in the dying moving from one shade to the next.  I just pulled a thread at random letting the shading fall where it may.  I do like that both trees ended up being in the brightest red shading.    I picked this up again last night after midnight and only that the bird/boughs on the upper right and half the border to finish and got this all done before going to sleep last night.

I love how this turned out (don’t I always say that) but this is so pretty with the shading of the floss and of course it has those red birds on it.  It’s small – the stitched area is 6.5″ square.  So this is my second finished stitch of 2022 and I will need to pull out the bag of all my potential Sunday Stitches charts  (keeping with this year’s SS theme of stitches representing holiday songs) and see what I want to work on next and get it kitted up so I can make a start on it later today.

I’m waiting for a grocery order to be delivered so sounds like a good time to go pick the next chart to work on.  Does anyone else do Sunday Stitches and if so, what are you stitching on today?

6 comments on “Sunday Stitches – 1-9-22

  1. This is beautiful! Love all those shades of red and since you mentioned in the previous post that you like to complete a stitch as you go I can see how it matters with the color pooling. I bought some of that DMC floss in various colors so it’s great to see how it turned out.

  2. Just beautiful Denise and I am amazed at how quickly you get your stitching done. I am so impressed. Just stitched a Shephards Bush’s – To All a Good Night and it took me only a couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to FFO today.

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