Next Sunday Stitches project

I just finished pulling floss and fabric for the next Sunday Stiches project I will start which is Bells of Christmas Day by With Thy Needle and Thread.  I could see these two bells hung from a pretty wired ribbon bow, with a couple of my vintage ornaments (similar to those shown on the pattern cover) hung from ribbons of varying lengths.  They would also be pretty hanging in the middle of a large wreath but I don’t have anywhere to hang a large wreath or store one for that matter.  Won’t decide how to finish them until they are done and the mood strikes for finishing but I do like the hanging with vintage ornaments idea.  Just depends on how large they end up since mine will be slightly larger than the equivalent of the called for linen.

Bells of Christmas 1-9-22 sunday sttiches

I only had about 5 of the 12 called for colors so substituted from stash for the rest.  The fabric I’m using (which is slightly darker than in the photo – the sun is actually out today despite the frigid temps and it was reflecting off the snow when I dashed outside to get a photo before the camera lens fogged up) is from ToDyeForFabrics, 18 count, and the color is Light Khaki

Sunday Stitches – 1-9-22

Here’s where I was where I had left off on Christmas Sampler in Red prior to my picking this up to stitch on it last Sunday.

I worked on it all day Sunday and then I enjoyed working on this one so much I decided to work on it last Monday also.  So two days of working on this project before putting it away and I made tons of progress.

The thread is DMC 115 which is a a variegated thread with a bit longer spacing in the dying moving from one shade to the next.  I just pulled a thread at random letting the shading fall where it may.  I do like that both trees ended up being in the brightest red shading.    I picked this up again last night after midnight and only that the bird/boughs on the upper right and half the border to finish and got this all done before going to sleep last night.

I love how this turned out (don’t I always say that) but this is so pretty with the shading of the floss and of course it has those red birds on it.  It’s small – the stitched area is 6.5″ square.  So this is my second finished stitch of 2022 and I will need to pull out the bag of all my potential Sunday Stitches charts  (keeping with this year’s SS theme of stitches representing holiday songs) and see what I want to work on next and get it kitted up so I can make a start on it later today.

I’m waiting for a grocery order to be delivered so sounds like a good time to go pick the next chart to work on.  Does anyone else do Sunday Stitches and if so, what are you stitching on today?