Counting issues again

I switched back to Winter Rose Manor last night and was happily stitching along engrossed in a program I was binge watching and you see all those six little pine trees – well I was stitching the main tree parts and then when I went back to stitch the trunks realized my spacing was off on them.  Rats!


Then I got a bit rip-happy because the top one and one of the ones in the next row were correct but I ripped out five of them rather than just four.  But got them all stitched back in place.   I stitched the basket/urn type thing underneath that motif to the right of the trees but ripped it back out too.  It’s tone in the Roasted Marshmallow color (the off white color that is the background of the octagon motif) and it’s fine when surrounded by other colors but in a little basket on it’s own with blank stitches showing thru it doesn’t show up enough for my tastes so I’ll just sub some other color in there when I have more of the stuff around it stitched to decide what color I want to use.

But when I pick up my stitching later it will be back to one of my Sunday Stitches projects.

5 comments on “Counting issues again

  1. There must have been something in the air! I spent a lot of time ripping my Land of the Free the other day. Small mistakes aren’t that big a deal but big one….oi!!

  2. Yep it’s why I don’t watch tv anymore while stitching…that and I get absorbed in the program and then lose count or where I’m at…just listen to music now when I stitch. I still make mistakes especially when a fave comes on but I take it as a sign to take a mini break. Happy stitching Happy New Year

  3. It makes me feel better knowing someone as accomplished as you has to rip out stitches. I was about ready to give up after ripping several times but I keep telling myself that I’m no quitter. The lesson I’ve learned is to concentrate more. I can’t multi task when it comes to cross stitching. I have to focus!

    • I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t have to rip out stitches. I would guess that every single project I rip something out and have to redo and some projects are just more bothersome than others or I’m paying less attention than I should . It’s just a fact of stitching.

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