First finished stitch of 2022

I did it!  I was hoping that this little New Year’s stitch I could start and finish in a day.  I actually early this morning. It was after midnight when I started so officially January 1 and I got in about 4 hours stitching on it before going to sleep. And I put the last stitch in it about 7:30 PM this evening.  It’s a cute little stitch.

New Year's Notes - Shepherds Bush

New Year’s Notes by Shepherd’s Bush stitched in all the called for colors on 14 count Zwiegart Vintage Country Cream with 2 strands for cross stitches and one strand for backstitching.  Stitched area is 4″ x 6″.  It will be made into a little pillow I think.

Now back to my Winter Rose Manor until it’s time to work on the Sunday Stitch.  With the three-day weekend I keep thinking today is Sunday but no – another day to play tomorrow!

January 1, 2022

New Year’s Day is starting out a bit chilly – 18 degrees right now at noon. I guess it had to happen sooner or later since it’s been a warmer than average start to the winter but a good day to stay inside. And it looks like there is a new light dusting of the flakes out side.

I finished updating the 2021- All the Finished page which you will find a button to at the top of the blog. I added the final photos for fully finished projects and below those added all the photos for stitched projects that still need to be fully finished either by framing, flat-fold finish, pillow finish, etc.

So final statistics for 2021 —  

  • 39 Fully finished projects
  • 6 Amish-themed projects framed/reframed
  • 26 additional stitches (mostly smaller ones) that need to be fully finished.

I made good progress on the small New Year’s themed stitch I started last night. I don’t really enjoy backstitching but the vines weren’t so bad. But there’s still a lot of backstitching to do but I may be abl to finish this one off today – if I don’t get sidetracked by one of my other projects.

happy new year


There are a few buttons shown on the chart – two sheep on either side of the blow of flowers, there’s a heart and a star button added to the vine area – I don’t have/and won’t be adding those.  


Happy New Year!

It is officially 2022 at my house so happy new year.   I had ordered a special little new year’s small chart that I didn’t think was going to arrive in time to start it for New Year’s but it arrived today so I started it a little while ago.  I’d like to actually get it finished off  by the end of New Year’s Day but it’s got a lot of backstitching so if I can get everything done except the backstitching, I will be happy.  Here’s what it looks like.

happy new year  So below are the lucky recipients of the charts I had up for adoption.

DOTTIE NEWKIRK – you are the recipient of Silent Night Sampler chart.

Below are the winners of the monthly Country Cottage winners.  We had a couple months with no winners so those charts will be held over for a future Flash Chart Adoption.

January  – June (ragdoll) / February – Robin / March – Dorothy Matheson / April – Kathy Harris / May – Dottie Wahlers/ July  – Marsha B  /September – Christine H /   October – Elaine H / November – Peggy K / December – Sheryl T.

Congratulations to all.