Dec. 30 2021 progress on all the things…..

or maybe just progress on the three things I actually put stitches in yesterday. 🙂

First – Santa is finished. Not sure how I will fully finish it but it will go in the box of smalls I need to finish for now while I contemplate that.  He definitely needs to come in from the cold from the looks of those very rosy cheeks and nose!


Then, this is how far I got over in the two days of stitching I did on the Twin Peak Primitives exclusive chart from their Christmas Box 2021.  The chart is called Cardinal Sampler.  I should have grabbed the chart cover to put in the photo because it shows those bright colors so much better.  But I pulled the matching project bag they sent and the colors are printed much darker on there but that is the full design.  I love the little zipper pull with the glass peppermint candy and charms on it.


And LOL I just realized as I added this image that I set my hoop upside down – that is the bottom border and my house is topsy turvey!  Heck it was cold outside and I was in my bathrobe and jammies but wanted to get a daylight photo before I settled in for a long afternoon of stitching.  That border has three different colors in it so I’ve been working it with three different needles threaded stitching one color, then switching needles to the next to work across it.  I just know that there would be some counting mistake if I tried to stitch all one color and then go back so working with the three needles is a bit slower but accurate.  That dark red is nicely variegated so some of the flowers are darker and others brighter.

Then after dinner I finally got started on Winter Rose Manor.  Here’s where I left off in the wee hours of this morning.  I did end up substituting some colors – I forgot two of the colors for the border were out of stock and have been for a long time so I substituted CC Tennessee Red Clay (a favorite) for GA Woodrose and WDW Lancaster Red (another favorite) for GA Mulberry.  At least for me I’ve found the Gental Arts threads very hard to find the colors I need in stock which I believe is all pandemic-related issues.  But I substituted in two of my favorites so all is good.


The colors are all looking good on this fabric so I’m really happy about that.    A couple things I need to take care of and then I can get back to stitching.

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  1. Rosy cheeked Santa turned out perfect! “Brrrr”, thank you for your earnest trying to get a good picture, well worth your work and chill.

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