Winter Rose Manor

Well, since it is now the start of my three-day holiday weekend, I’m thinking I may need to start my NYE stitch tonight – it is calling to me.

First, I will finish off the little Santa stitch (the freebie chart I had previously linked with Santa in a sweater and beanie hat. I have just two rows of his beard to finish off and will get a photo of it tomorrow.    I worked the last two nights on the Twin Peaks Primitives Holiday box kit project that was a cardinal design but forgot to get a photo of it before it got dark today.   While stitching the bottom border, I had three different needles threaded as I worked my way across it.  You’ll see why when I show you the photo but I made pretty good progress on it for just the few hours I worked on it.

So here is my stitch for the New Year – Winter Rose Manor.

winter rose manor

As of right now I’m using most of the called for colors.  The only one I plan to change at this point is the floss color for the house.  The reds/pinks that are twisted together on the far left are other possible colors that I may substitute in for some of the other called for colors  as I go along if I don’t like the called for as I’m working on it.   I’m using one of the ToDyeForFabrics from a past order – 18 count in the color Lakeside Tan.  I’ve got just two episodes of a mystery series to finish watching and then will have to figure out what I want to watch after that for a long night of stitching ahead of me. 🙂

And now a second Chart Adoption offer but this one is a bit different than the norm (the first Chart adoption is still open – so I will close both of them at the same time just to make it easier on me so check it out if you haven’t seen that one yet.

For this chart adoption, there are 12 different charts so there will be 12 different recipients.  As I was going thru all my charts and planning and plotting things, I decided that the impluse buy of all 12 Country Cottage Needleworks Cottage of the Month charts were just something I would not get around to stitching (I have a 20-chart set of houses/buildings that I do really want to stitch)  so will be sharing those 12 charts with you rather than letting them languish untouched in my stash.  You can see all the charts for the Cottage of the Month here.

If you wish to be in the pool for this chart adoption, leave one comment on this blog post with the name of the one month’s chart that you would like to receive.  If you have not commented before on my blog (or haven’t commented in a long time) you comment may be held for me to approve so you may not see your comment immediately go live to the blog post.  Rest assured I will approve all of the pending comments before I announce the recipients but anyone who doesn’t follow the rules (leaving multiple comments to enter, etc) – those comments will be deleted because it makes it harder to sort thru.  So one comment, the name of one month if you want to get into the adoption pool.

Okay – Winter Rose Manor awaits and I may need to order some delivery for dinner!