The tree is decorated


One last post before I find some lunch and then spend the rest of today stitching.  These are the antique ornaments that have survived.  I had I think three more but over the years they met with accidents (my tree was not on carpet and they hit the tile and …. well it was not a pretty sight.  Note the pink concave one with the burn mark on the lower right.   One of the casualties of those huge tree lights used when I was small that got a bit too hot and the ornament must have been sitting against it – but the other side looks the same minus the burn mark so it still goes on the tree.  Funny how I’m not fond of pink but all except Santa are shades of pink.  At best guesstimate these are over 100 years old.

I put on about a third of the ornaments I have and the tree still looks lovely.  In addition to the vintage ornaments I pulled out all the pinecone, acorn (my two favorite ones to collect), and a few other favorites like the ribbon candy ornaments that remind me of my youth, too, because Santa always left ribbon candy in our Christmas stockings.

And Mrs. Claus (the mail lady) just left a package outside my door from 123Stitch – an excellent Christmas present to me!  Which if I remember right contains a few charts – a Prairie Schooler Santa (the 2021 one which I was missing) and a few others I NEEDED before the no-buy 2022 goes into effect. 🙂

Now to line up my Christmas movie viewing of all the favorites I have to watch every holiday season which meant I had to pull the DVD player from the sewing room tv to hook up to my living room one. Which meant I had to move the box with finished cross stitches in it (after I knocked a stack of stuff on the floor – boy that room is getting messier by the minute!) which got me to thinking – hmmm, maybe I’ll do a bit of framing tomorrow.  We shall see.

Gosh – is 2PM and I still haven’t had anything but coffee.  Now to raid the fridge!!

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  1. Wow i congrats on keeping those ornaments…over a hundred Christmases they have been seen…the stories they could tell! Happy Christmas and merry stitching! 🎄🎅❄

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