Happy Christmas Eve


Someone asked me to post a photo of the vintage ornaments –  so far I have only unwrapped a group of the ones from my youth (the oldest ones are in a different container I have yet to find).  Here are some of the ones we had on our trees when I was young.

Last night I did in fact finish off Silent Night sampler.  It’s so pretty.   I know the original frame I had purchased for this won’t work because I ended up stitching this on larger count fabric than originally planned but I will look thru my stash of frames to see if there is something that will fit just in case there might be something there but I think I will end up having to order a new one.


So I finished this about 12:30AM and was wide awake so contemplated starting my Christmas Eve start then but pullled out Tidings of Joy instead to work on that a bit.


So I was able to add the words “Of Comfort” and then get most of JOY stitched.  After I finish the J there is just a border of snowflakes at the bottom and this little stitch will be done.  My plan is to try to finish this before the New Year’s Eve.

4 comments on “Happy Christmas Eve

  1. ..I love them both but especially love the vintage ornaments. I have a collection of hand blown ornaments all purchased because they remind me of early Christmas’.
    Merry Christmas friend!

  2. Silent Night is beautiful! Just really love the soft colors. I too am attracted to the deeper colors but this is really beautiful! Love the Tidings of Joy one too. I need to order some of the deeper colors of fabric as they really add to some charts. Thank you for sharing your ornaments. It makes me think of ornaments from my youth as well. My parents got rid of all the old ornaments before I could ask for them but it’s wonderful to see.

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