Christmas Eve Stitching Start Along

NYES - christmas start

For once I didn’t start a Stitch Along prior to the day it was set to start!   But I’m all ready to go and will get started later this afternoon.   I think I’m just going to refer to this as my “Christmas Eve Start” rather than the chart’s name which is New Year Sampler which can be confusing since I have a different project I will be starting on New Year’s Eve.

Anyone is welcome to join Judy and I in stitching along.  Our friend Sheryl is joining in and I think there are several others that were planning to also.   There’s no deadlines, no rules – we simply plan to start on the same day (and you can always start later and join in since this will be an ongoing project around many other projects) but if you haven’t gotten the chart yet – the Owl Forest website shop is closed until Jan 9 for the holidays.

I’m all set to start this afternoon after I put a few more ornaments on the tree.

The fabric I will be using is “Ecru” from “ToDyeForFabrics” on Etsy – my favorite aida dyer.  It’s 18 count and I’ll be using one strand of floss.  The floss is mostly colors I pulled from my Victorian Motto floss stash with two Weeks Dye Works thrown in – the white which is Chalk, and the darker green which is Monkey Grass.  Monkey Grass is my new favorite green – it has some nice variegation.  The two greens I pulled for this are the two I used together in the recent winter deer stitch I did and I really liked them together.

It’s not looking like a typical Wisconsin Christmas today.  It’s dreary and gray (not necessarily unusual) but there’s no snow and it’s mid 40s.  The snow will come soon enough so I’m enjoying the lack of slippery surfaces for as long as it lasts!


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  1. I have started in on this stitch but I am doing individual motifs to make into ornaments. I started on linen (Mayflower 36 count by Hollis Hands Creat) with green Sulky 12 weight. I have never stitched in hand before or with Sulky. So this was very slow going. I am doing the tree in the bottom right corner with another motif beside it. I do have a start on Christmas Eve.

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