Nearly finished

First you’ll be happy to know the tree is standing (on all four feet) and is lit (tho with my shaking it to see if that lost tree leg would fall out I must have loosened a bulb or two because originally only half the lower section lit up until I fiddled with some of the bulbs.  So it’s lit and has that one lone bird ornament on it that was left on it when it was put away.  Branches have been sufficiently fluffed and tomorrow morning I’ll get some ornaments on it.  I’m not going to pull out all the ornaments – just a container or two that I think hold the vintage ornaments of my youth – mercury glass and Shiney Brite balls.   Below is a photo from a magazine  – aren’t those pretty.


The photo caught my eye because I have 5 or 6 of those exact ornaments that were used when I was a kid on our trees.  I particular love the ones with the concave areas.  Hopefully I remember the correct container where those are kept.

And as for nearly finished – can I just say there’s a whole lot of stitches in this little inset with the church!  And those random single stitches for the stars, and there’s about four shades of blue in the sky — I was about to go nuts with all the confetti stitching but I will get that finished off tonight since I’m down to all one color that fills in the last unstitched areas.  Then just a bit of border flowers to add so tomorrow should be able to show you a finished stitch!

silent night

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    • Thanks – I’m not usually attracted to pastel shades but there’s something very elegant looking to these. My tree is normally all European glass stlyle ornaments – just not all vintage – but the vintage ones, even if a bit of color has chipped off here and there – still sparkle so pretty on the tree. I even have a handful that are from my grandmother’s tree of her youth.

      • how very good of you to preserve the handful from your grandmother, we do live vicariously with you, and if or when you might share those specials , we will be grateful to see a photo.

  1. I like the glass ornaments but I really love your sampler! Can’t wait to see it finished! I bought that pattern but haven’t started it yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to start and get finished by next Christmas. It should go really well with my beachy blue decor. And no, I don’t live at the beach, I just wish I did.

  2. 🎄 I’m sure your ornaments are beautiful! That’s so cool that you have some of your grandmother’s ornaments! Your tree will be amazing! 🧵🪡 🧵 Your sampler is really super! The stars in the sky seem to sparkle. Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday to Jesus! ⭐🎄💫☃️

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