It was nearly BAAHHHH HUMBUG!!

How can someone lose one of the four little legs that slide up into the bottom of the Christmas tree.  Amazingly it won’t stand up on just three legs.  I have spent probably an hour searching for that dang thing.  My tree (it’s a skinny 7′ or so tree) and all the decorations fit into one 50 gal. Sterilite Christmas tub (red with green lid of course) and all things Christmas should be in there.  I was dreading pulling that big tub out of the sewing room closet – it’s towards the back and there are other smaller yarn tubs piled on top and I had to move something else out of the way first (so the sewing room — well I just shut the door because it was enough of a mess before I started all that).  But I got it out, took all the boxes of ornaments off the top, and thought I’d set the tree up and plug it in and then decorate it another dawy.  I didn’t put it up last year and the year before I waited until Christmas Eve to decorate it and then kept it up to enjoy afterwards till probably the end of January.


No, this is not a picture of my tree all decorated THIS year – this is from two years ago but there is hope that it might look similar to this again!  After going back to look in the closet for the umpteenth time, I found the leg – it must have slid out of the box when I had to tip it on end to get it out of the closet and it was hidden in the bend of the open bi-fold door.  Crisis averted – there will be Christmas Tiny Tim!!  🙂

So all four legs are now accounted for and bonus – while I was messing up the closet trying to find the leg, I discovered behind a box in the darkest corner – my Santa collection box.  I used to have a huge Santa figurine collection but sold or gave away many years ago all but a few of  my most favorites which were in a dark blue box about the size of a shoebox.  I seriously couldn’t remember if I had gotten rid of all but the three largest (which are in the tree box) when I couldn’t find them two years ago.  So it will be like greeting old friends when I open that box.

Now the only person missing is Jack!!   You remember Jack.

sidew I’m sure he, too, got put in a really safe place last Spring but I think he may be hiding behind where all the floss hangs in the closet – it hangs on the end of the shelf and I think he’s hibernating behind them.   My search for him will commence another day.

I’ve now lost interest in putting the tree together tonight and will go stitch but I’m very happy I found the tree leg – seriously I may be duct taping them to the tree trunk when I put it away for the season.