Silent Night Stitch

I didn’t feel like stitching on my regular Sunday Stitch last night – wanted something different than that dark blue fabric I’ve been stitching on so I pulled out the Silent Night Sampler with all its pastel colors.

Here’s where I ended up last night after a few hours stitching.

silent night

It’s a bad indoor photo taken when I got home – that’s just a shadow on the right side of the photo where it looks like the fabric is tanner. When I picked this up after dinner last night, here’s what I completed. The row of letters from R to V and then I went up to add letters A thru L – just 2-1/2 letters to finish in that corner, a few random flower buds to add around the outer border and then the inset of the house and snowy scene in the upper middle. I’m going to continue to stitch on this to see if I can get it finished before I start my new Christmas Eve start. I think I can get it done but there’s a lot of stitching/color changes in the inset (full coverage) and lots of color changes to finish off the borders but I think it is doable.