Santa nearly finished

I posted the link to this freebie chart yesterday and started it yesterday but just couldn’t stay up any longer to get it finished last night.  There’s just a few more stitches to fill in on his beard.   Then I think I’m going to add some sort of border around it to make it look more finished off.  This one will be made into a small pillow I think – filled with fiber fill so it’s light enough it could be hung as an ornament too.


He is a very rosy-cheeked Santa and a fun little stitch. There is also another chart with full Santa from head to toe in his lovely winter sweater holding a cup of cocoa.  I had originally thought I wouldn’t stitch that, but I love this one so much I just might need to make the full-size santa  and make it as a stand-up stitch.  Maybe as a Christmas in July start – if I did it on 18 Ct it would be about 4″ wide by 9″ tall.

I placed my last order today for cross stitching supplies – a special chart I want to make as a gift next year.  So, with the final orders that will be shipped to me, I’ve got more than plenty of supplies to choose from for anything I might want to stitch during 2022.  My problem is there are so many things in that chart basket I want to start now – but I want to finish off some of the projects in the works prior to starting too many random new items.  Especially since there’s the Christmas Eve start and New Year’s Eve start coming up soon.

My Christmas Eve start is all kitted up and ready to go – I just have to decide between two pieces of fabric.   I still need to kit up my New Year’s eve start.   And I’ve also been thinking about other special starts for special holidays, my birthday, etc. and hope to have the list of those finalized soon.

But I’ve done nothing productive so far today and need to get off this computer and get busy.  One thing is for certain, here will definitely be time for more stitching, sewing and other stuff since I won’t be perusing the Etsy shops or other online shops for supplies I might want in 2022!