Happy Mail

I recently got two packages that made me so happy.   One was the order I had placed in early November at ToDyeForFabricsNMore on Etsy.  This was the second order I had placed for hand dyed aida with this shop and it won’t be the last.  I love her fabrics.  It took a little less than a month to get but they are  dyed after you place the order, and with it being holiday season mailing, I wasn’t concerned and actually got it sooner than expected.  Here are the lovelies.

gorgeous - To Dye For Fabrics

I’m not into dyed fabrics that have big splotches of darker colors like many linens have but these are exactly the type of fabrics I do like.  I want hand dyed with some mottling but very subtle mottling just so it’s not a stark plain color I’m stitching on.  These have a great feel, they are Zwiegart based, and they have serged edges and you can order it dyed in whatever count you like to stich on — a big bonus when ordering (so many times I see colors I like but they are only available in 14 count or `16 count and my preferred count is 18).  These are all 18 count.   (shhhhh don’t tell, but since I’m not going to be ordering any fabric in 2022, I might have placed another order just now for a few colors I had removed from my cart when placing the original  order above which won’t arrive until later in January but since the order was placed now I haven’t broken any rules) 😉     And I feel really content that I will have a nice selection of fabrics to choose from all next year for stitching – some of the ones I wanted to use were not quite large enough so with these I should have everything covered.  I’ve altered a few of my project plans for next year and am still mulling over some other things I might want to start but should have all the major projects nailed down soon.  I think several of the Sunday Stitch Holiday song themed stitches for 2022 have arrived in a package I haven’t opened yet today so I can do some planning with those as well.

The other exciting package I got was from another Etsy shop – which is NOW on my list of favorite shops.

I had previously shown you these wooden ornaments I got with a plan to mount cross stitch on them.


These are from  WonderWoodCrafted.  I think these were the 10″ size (10″ in diameter not counting the hanger part).

I wanted to try some of their other shapes so I ordered two that might work for the Prairie Schooler Snowshoeing Santa that I need to get finished and a small round one and then I so loved these snowflakes that I decided to order them in even larger size (15″) and got three differnt snowflake designs.   My ideas for Christmas 2022 gifts are now all figured out – I love it when I have a plan!


and the smaller ones I ordered are these.  I’m going to put the Santa on the one with the longer slit on the top and put a ribbon thru that slot so it can be a tree ornament or you just to display elsewhere.


I love these two small businesses and their products!

As for actual stitching – I put my Sunday Stitch away (I got to start the roof and snow on roof and a bit of the snowmen on the roof) but got back out First Thanksgiving to work on last night and am making progress on that inset of the colony buildings and fences.