A framing possibility and Santa

As I was searching for some cute little santa bags I had bought quite some time ago to put some little ornaments in or other small goodies, I unburied this frame which would look good with the deer if I decide to frame it.  I’m still undecided and I need to figure out what I might have really ordered this frame for.  I think it might actually be for a project that I decided not to make because there is a very similar one that I like better.  If I do decide to frame it, I will likely go back and add in a few more snowflakes scattered about in the black spaces to balance it out a bit.


I also just remembered a white hornbook board I have that might be a good size too so will have to pull that out to see.

After much searching – I ordered these sometime before Halloween so that’s a long time to get moved about and hidden in plain sight – I finally found the little Santa bags.  These are just so cute.  I’ve got a few little goodies to put in them for some favorite coworkers.  (And I have now cut off those annoying tags!) The red velvety area is sparkly but that’s not showing up in the photo.



12-12-21 – Winter Deer Stitching Done

I finished off the stitching on the Winter Deer by Twin Peaks Primitives last night.  Now I just have to decide how I want to finish it.  The stitching area is around 7″ square.  I just love this one.


As for my Sunday Stitching project – Up on the Housetop – here’s where I left off two weeks ago.


The last weekend I got the house filled in around all the windows.    Last night, after finishing the deer, I picked this back up and started stitching the icicles hanging down from the roof so that is where I’ll pick up later today.