This week’s stitching plans

First of all – it’s done – started this yesterday afternoon and finished last night – well finished what was charted.


It turned out so cute.  I say finished as charted because I had already gotten the frame a while ago and I was going to use a larger stitch count fabric than the chart called for to make it a bit larger, but I didn’t have a good color aida in that size so there’s just a bit too much white space around the edges if I were to frame it as is.  I’m going to add a very simple (in keeping with the simple lines in the stitch) border line to make it look more balanced in the frame.

And lest you think I pulled out pine garland as a special prop – that has been sitting outside on a shelf with the flower pots and such stuff since I took it down from over my door last year late winter and never made it back into the house.  I had grabbed it yesterday to put back up above the door but didn’t have but had lost one of the clips to attach it over the door, so it was at the ready on the table.  I grabbed the clip after taking this photo and when I walked back to the door it was sleeting, so I’ll just stay inside and hang the garland later this week (if it doesn’t get frozen to the top of the patio table!)  Any way it was a cute quick stitch that I hope to get fully finished soon.  And like that photo so much, I ordered square business cards with it on to use for floss tags for all my red bird wall projects.

Here’s where I left off last weekend on my Sunday Stitches project – Up on the Housetop.  Filled in the rest of the windows and added that wreath and am working on filling in the rest of the house. I like the way the blue background fabric is incorporated into the design – the windows are all done the fabric is the pane color and does not get stitched in.  There’s a curved cornice-type thing above the shuttered windows and that area is unstitched so it is the fabric blue also, and the door is open so that stays blue (it’s probably open because snowmen have been cavorting in and out).


I will stitch on this a bit today but I also want to get a start on my St. Nicholas Eve start.  Happy St. Nicholas Eve to you all.  Did your families ever celebrate St. Nicholas Day – put your shoes outside the door to see if St. Nicholas would leave your candy if you were good or sticks and coal if you were bad?  I can’t remember if we actually put our shoes out but he did always come and leave goodies on our front porch, ring the doorbell and be gone before we could get there. 🙂

I wanted to find a chart similar to the images I think of when I think of St. Nicholas (not to be confused with St. Nick/Santa Claus.

real-saint-nicholasPrairie Schooler charts had just the thing I was looking for in their Old World Santas II. I may not get much stitching done on my Sunday Stitch project this weekend because I’d really like to start this today and finish the stitching on it tomorrow night – that’s my goal so we’ll see if I can achieve it. Unfortunately, I thought I had the DMC all wound and on floss tags but when I went to take this photo – as you can see I do not.  I’ll get busy taking care of that. I’m using all the called for DMC and the fabric is 18 count Buttermilk by Fiber on a Whim.

st nick

I’ll be stitching the second from the left in the chart above.

It’s cold, gray, dreary but it looks (and sounds) like the sleet/rain has stopped so hopefully the sidewalks dry off in the wind and don’t freeze.  But a good day to refill the coffee cup, grab a quilt to keep cozy and stitch all afternoon.