It’s a Cardinal

 Despite dozing off during stitching for a short nap this afternoon, I just finished the whole cardinal and will work on the woods around him tonight.  It’s a truly lazy day – out for breakfast and I just ordered delivery for dinner.  So here he is so far.


And isn’t that a cute needle minder – I got that one in a Twin Peak Primitive winter scene stich kit and the kids on the sled is just so cute.

Winter Cardinal Etching


You know I love cardinals and a month or so ago when I was placing an order at Hobby Lobby – I saw this ornament and had to get it.  It’s a wooden middle but has this painted cardinal on corrugated tin.  And I just realized that it has the same image on the back (I had assumed when ordering it was just plain on the back and hadn’t really looked at it until now.)   And it’s wide enough – and actually quite heavy – so it will stand on its own.  I think it will find a permanent home on the bookshelf near the cardinal wallhanging.

Today is apparently all things cardinal (and other things that start with the letter “C,” as you will see  below) 🙂   

First thing this morning it was Covid booster shot day – was in and out by 9:15 am and my Chauffer (and best friend) and I went out for breakfast. First time I have eaten in a restaurant in 2 years.   We used to go out for Saturday morning breakfast at least twice a month if not more so it’s been a long time.

Last night I was falling asleep stitching First Thanksgiving – I’m working on the buildings which look like log homes so one stripe wood color, one stripe of chinking color – repeat – not real exciting but better than stitching and having to rip out stitches!   I had been wanting to start on Winter Cardinal Etching from Punch Needle and Primitive Stitching Magazine ever since Judy started her stitch of that chart (which prompted me to subscribe to the magazine – and it’s a wonderful publication).


It should be a quick stitch, so about midnight I went to pull fabric and two flosses.  I started it.  This morning by light of day I decided the fabric I had stared it on – sort of a light gray – just wasn’t what I was wanting.  So I will put that aside to rip out the stitches later and just found a new fabric and will restart shortly.  I plan to stitch on that today and see how far I can get.

And one additional thing starting with the letter “C.”   Chocolates!!!!   In addition to a gift card, I got this lovely box of chocolates yesterday – and they are not your usual “brown” chocolates.  These are from a local chocolatier, and they are so colorful.


These truffles are delicious; I had received a smaller box once before.  They have very unusual flavor combinations so I can’t wait to try more of them.  And you can tell it’s a company Wisconsin based since  there are several specific Wisconsin combinations.  Wisconsinites are known for loving their Old Fashioned cocktails – and yes there is a truffle called that made of cherry jam, hint of orange, aromatic bitters in Korbel Brandy ganache.   And like all good chocolate companies should – they have a color coded pamphlet showing what each looks like and what is in it.    I’ll be rationing these out one per day and they will get me thru Christmas.  Yumm.

Tomorrow Amazon should deliver the last piece I need to complete the ornament finish for the Prairie Schooler snowshoeing Santa so that will be the last Christmas item I need to finish off.

Now let the stitching commence.