2022 – The year of using the stash and the plan

You know that Judy and I have been great enablers for each other in many crafty pursuits – none more than cross stitch. 🙂  We had talked earlier this year about curbing the purchasing of supplies and stitching just from our stashes, then something came along we both wanted and we decided we’d wait to start that plan beginning 2022.   We were emailing back and forth yesterday afternoon and evening about it to solidify what each of us was planning and she’s done a couple posts about her plans.  Her plans and my plans are very similar.  So here’s my plan for 2022 and stitching the things I love that I’ve already purchased.  You know I always have to have an exception or two to the rules I impose on myself and there are just two exceptions to my plan.

  • Exception 1:  I will still purchase frames or other finishing pieces for the stitching I finish.  I don’t want to just put it aside and not completely finish it.  And Exception 2:  if I receive the gift of a gift certificate to a stitchy shop, I can of course spend that on stitchy stuff at any time (I believe I have one coming my way as a x-mas gift).  No I will not be paying Judy to buy me additional gift certificates so I can continue to add to the stash (but wouldn’t that be a sneaky plan!!) 🙂
  • No fabric purchases, no chart purchases, no floss purchases, no project bags — I have lots of pretty stuff to stitch so won’t need any of those things.
  • And the reward – a bit of a spending spree to replenish things or get new things I’ve been wanting between Black Friday 2022 and Christmas 2022 and then start the whole process all over planning the stitches for the next year.  I will keep a list of charts I want, but by the time Black Friday 2022 rolls around, I might still want to purchase them orthey may be replaced with other charts I love more.  There is always something new and pretty coming down the line so I won’t really feel like I’m missing out on anything if I don’t buy it immediately.

So that’s the plan.   Of course in anticipation of that plan I may have placed a few small orders for charts and a few special pieces of aida and am still waiting on a dyed to order aida shipment.

Most of those charts are so I can move forward with my other plan for 2022 for my Sunday Stitches.  The Sunday Stitches are projects that for me, are generally more of a relaxing / meditative stitch.  It can be interpreted in many ways or just be a project you save to only stitch on  Sundays.  Some of the charts I have lined up.

Over the River and Thru the Woods

Sing Hey Sing Hey for Christmas Day

Prairie Schooler Songs of the Season

Heaven and Nature Sing

Deck the Halls

and this one definitely brings to mind Frosty the Snowman  even tho that’s not the name of the chart.

And one final project bag purchase I HAD to make – one for my Sunday stitches and you’ll understand why when you see it. It has vintage collage of Christmas stuff on the back and the inside behind the vinyl front is fabric that looks like music sheet paper. The perfect match of projects to bag.

Now I just have to contemplate what special starts I might want to do in 2022. So far I don’t really have any for 2022 planned.

The remaining planned ones for 2021:

  • St. Nicholas Day Eve – a Prairie Schooler St. Nicholas chart which is just ornament sized.
  • Christmas Eve – Owl Forest New Year’s Day Sampler (which is really a Christmas themed project despite its name.
  • New Year’s Eve – another Owl Forst sampler – Red Cardinals.   I got the smaller of the two cardinal charts that were recently released.

And of course I’ll continue on with the Lincoln Sampler, The First Thanksgiving, and yet another DUH moment – The Silent Night Sampler (yest that will fit in with the Sunday Stitches theme)!

Tomorrow’s excitement is I go get my booster shot and then, for the first time in nearly 2 years, I will be going out for breakfast with a friend. I haven’t been in a store, restaurant – really anywhere other than office, home, doctor’s office for 2 years!