Dec. 30 2021 progress on all the things…..

or maybe just progress on the three things I actually put stitches in yesterday. 🙂

First – Santa is finished. Not sure how I will fully finish it but it will go in the box of smalls I need to finish for now while I contemplate that.  He definitely needs to come in from the cold from the looks of those very rosy cheeks and nose!


Then, this is how far I got over in the two days of stitching I did on the Twin Peak Primitives exclusive chart from their Christmas Box 2021.  The chart is called Cardinal Sampler.  I should have grabbed the chart cover to put in the photo because it shows those bright colors so much better.  But I pulled the matching project bag they sent and the colors are printed much darker on there but that is the full design.  I love the little zipper pull with the glass peppermint candy and charms on it.


And LOL I just realized as I added this image that I set my hoop upside down – that is the bottom border and my house is topsy turvey!  Heck it was cold outside and I was in my bathrobe and jammies but wanted to get a daylight photo before I settled in for a long afternoon of stitching.  That border has three different colors in it so I’ve been working it with three different needles threaded stitching one color, then switching needles to the next to work across it.  I just know that there would be some counting mistake if I tried to stitch all one color and then go back so working with the three needles is a bit slower but accurate.  That dark red is nicely variegated so some of the flowers are darker and others brighter.

Then after dinner I finally got started on Winter Rose Manor.  Here’s where I left off in the wee hours of this morning.  I did end up substituting some colors – I forgot two of the colors for the border were out of stock and have been for a long time so I substituted CC Tennessee Red Clay (a favorite) for GA Woodrose and WDW Lancaster Red (another favorite) for GA Mulberry.  At least for me I’ve found the Gental Arts threads very hard to find the colors I need in stock which I believe is all pandemic-related issues.  But I substituted in two of my favorites so all is good.


The colors are all looking good on this fabric so I’m really happy about that.    A couple things I need to take care of and then I can get back to stitching.

Winter Rose Manor

Well, since it is now the start of my three-day holiday weekend, I’m thinking I may need to start my NYE stitch tonight – it is calling to me.

First, I will finish off the little Santa stitch (the freebie chart I had previously linked with Santa in a sweater and beanie hat. I have just two rows of his beard to finish off and will get a photo of it tomorrow.    I worked the last two nights on the Twin Peaks Primitives Holiday box kit project that was a cardinal design but forgot to get a photo of it before it got dark today.   While stitching the bottom border, I had three different needles threaded as I worked my way across it.  You’ll see why when I show you the photo but I made pretty good progress on it for just the few hours I worked on it.

So here is my stitch for the New Year – Winter Rose Manor.

winter rose manor

As of right now I’m using most of the called for colors.  The only one I plan to change at this point is the floss color for the house.  The reds/pinks that are twisted together on the far left are other possible colors that I may substitute in for some of the other called for colors  as I go along if I don’t like the called for as I’m working on it.   I’m using one of the ToDyeForFabrics from a past order – 18 count in the color Lakeside Tan.  I’ve got just two episodes of a mystery series to finish watching and then will have to figure out what I want to watch after that for a long night of stitching ahead of me. 🙂

And now a second Chart Adoption offer but this one is a bit different than the norm (the first Chart adoption is still open – so I will close both of them at the same time just to make it easier on me so check it out if you haven’t seen that one yet.

For this chart adoption, there are 12 different charts so there will be 12 different recipients.  As I was going thru all my charts and planning and plotting things, I decided that the impluse buy of all 12 Country Cottage Needleworks Cottage of the Month charts were just something I would not get around to stitching (I have a 20-chart set of houses/buildings that I do really want to stitch)  so will be sharing those 12 charts with you rather than letting them languish untouched in my stash.  You can see all the charts for the Cottage of the Month here.

If you wish to be in the pool for this chart adoption, leave one comment on this blog post with the name of the one month’s chart that you would like to receive.  If you have not commented before on my blog (or haven’t commented in a long time) you comment may be held for me to approve so you may not see your comment immediately go live to the blog post.  Rest assured I will approve all of the pending comments before I announce the recipients but anyone who doesn’t follow the rules (leaving multiple comments to enter, etc) – those comments will be deleted because it makes it harder to sort thru.  So one comment, the name of one month if you want to get into the adoption pool.

Okay – Winter Rose Manor awaits and I may need to order some delivery for dinner!

Peahens, more cardinals and a Christmas Restart planned

First – I just wasn’t loving my Christmas Start project – New Year Sampler.  I totally love the chart but I wasn’t loving the floss I picked or the fabric or the fact that the white didn’t show up unless it was stitched with two threads when the rest of the chart was stitched with only one thread.  I tried changing some of the stitches that were supposed to be white to light green and that didn’t show up well either.  So this is where I left off on it.


I’ve decided this project will be restarted.  I love the Owl Forest floss for the Peahen project I got from them and decided I really want to stitch New Year Sampler with their floss.  The floss has now been ordered, I’ll pick a different fabric that the white will show up better on and restart it whenever the floss arrives which I’m not expecting until probably February sometime since the shop is closed for the holidays and won’t start shipping again until January 12.  But that’s okay – I have lots of other projects to work on and I don’t want to get done with all that stitching and not love the finished project so it’s worth the wait.

As for Peahen – that’s what I picked up after putting away the Sunday Stitches project.  When I left off I had started in the middle top border and worked my way over to the left side and had that whole section of border and motifs in the border completed. So last night I stitched the border lines from center to right edge and filled in some of the motifs along the right side and realized as I was working back up towards the corner that my corner was one stitch off on one side.  So I spent some time ripping and redoing it.

owl forest peahen

Then I decided to work on a few motifs and get them started.  There are only two floss colors used in that I have stitched in the inner portion so far – I love how the Owl Forest floss has is dyed fading from one color to the next and back – it gives a very unique look to their charts.  

As I was emailing Judy about my decision to restart the NY Sampler, I was telling her about the Twin Peak Primitives Exclusive 2021 Mystery Christmas Box I had ordered.  One of the kitted projects in that mystery box is a pretty little cardinal chart with all kinds of other fun stuff on it.  So, since I seem to be starting all the things the last week or so, I’m going to start that one tonight.   I’ll tell you more about the mystery box and show the chart I’m working on once I can get photos during daylight.   And speaking of daylight, when I was working from home today, I snapped this photo.  The snow we got yesterday pretty much had melted by last night but it started snowing again this morning and has been really fine flakes falling all day but I think it has stopped now.


Sunday Stitches – Christmas Sampler in Red

About dinner time yesterday I started on my next Sunday Stitches project.  This one is in keeping with my plan for 2022 for all my Sunday Stitches to reflect holiday songs.  This is the one I chose.


It has red birds on it so it would fit in with the red bird wall theme too.  Bonus, it was quick to kit up since you only use one floss color to stitch it.   I made great progress last night and will put this away until next Sunday now.


Tonight’s stitching – well I want to finish off the little bit on the Santa in stocking cap stitch where I think I just have a bit of beard to fill in so I can mark that off as finished stitching.  Then I will either go back to the Up on the Housetop stitch or may be go back to First Thanksgiving or Lincoln Sampler.  Who knows.

About a year ago…..


This was one of my first cross stitch pieces I stitched when I picked up cross stitch again, thanks to my ever enabler friend Judy – and I do mean thank you because I have enjoyed immensely everything I have stitched (well perhaps there have been moments of not so much enjoyment with the First Thanksgiving chart but I shall persevere) when Judy led me down that rabbit hole.

As I went to find a piece to work on framing today, since this one has been waiting the longest, I decided it was time to finish it up.   (It really is centered in the frame – I counted out those threads on either side but I had the camera at an angle.)  I don’t know why it took me so long to frame because it took no time at all.

As I was framing it I remembered this fabric well – and it was so stiff it might have actually driven me back away from cross stitching but I knew there were other, softer fabrics out there (even if they were a challenge to find at the time).   I just need to get a hanger put in the back — actually, none of the many things I’ve stitched to date are actually hanging on the walls yet and pretty much all need hangers added.  I plan to fix that in the new year.  I was planning to replace some furniture and then determine placement after that.  One of these days I will actually get a new piece of furniture but I’ve been waiting for 2 years now to do that.  I hate furniture shopping, and with the pandemic most definitely didn’t want to be wandering into a store.   I’ve decided what’s a few little holes in the wall – I can always move them if I need to at some future point, it’s time I started enjoying them.    There are some displayed on book shelves and ledges but those are mostly smaller, seasonal pieces.

Now to decide what I want to stitch on next – Up on the Housetop or something else.  I’ve got dinner in the oven and it’s smelling fantastic.  I didn’t have what I had planned for my Christmas dinner yesterday – I didn’t take it out of the freezer soon enough and got sidetracked with other things so today I will be having the pork roast with roasted potatoes, onions and carrots, some cranberry sauce, and may be some fresh green beans.  It’s starting to smell good already.

Sunday Stitches – 12-26-21

I stopped working on my NYS (New Year Sampler) after midnight last night and will now put it away for a little bit to work on some other things.



Here’s what my progress was from my Christmas Eve day start.

I got a few more motifs added yesterday.   My plan is to continue to work on this at random around other projects.  My goal would be to have it finished by next Christmas Eve.    Here’s my added progress from yesterday.



It doesn’t look like it in my photo – but I added a third shade of blue to the mix.    The alphabet letters are done in a lighter blue except for the initials that make up my name which are done in a bit darker blue, and the numbers (the 2 above) are done in a bit brighter blue.

So once again I stitched to the wee hours and was able to finish off one of the two Sunday stitches I had as WIPS.    O Tidings of Comfort & Joy by Modern Folk Embroidery is done.  It is such a wee little stitch.


I stitched it on PTP Mystic, 16 count, one strand floss from my Victorian Motto stash.  I wouldn’t like the coverage of one strand on all 16 count fabrics but PTP seems to be more dense – likely due to the dying process and shrinking – so that one strand works for me.    There are supposed to be a sprinkling of single stitches (snow) around the house scene but I decided I liked it without – sort of a resting place for the eyes among all the busy-ness.  The stitched area measures 3.75″ x 5.75″.   I haven’t decided yet how I will finish this. I thought it might fit on one of the little boards I had gotten, and it does but it would go right up to the edges and I prefer to have a little margin of the board showing around it. 

 I also think I have a 4×6 frame left over from when I was making these Christmas trees.  Remember when I was stitching those a couple years ago?  (I still have yet to make one of the larger ones for me.)  And actually – I know I still have charms leftover that I used as ornaments on those trees.  I may have to see if there are any I want to use when finishing some of my x-stitches into small pillows.  But that color wood might look good with the floss I used but again it might be just a little too tight a fit for my liking.  So for the time being it will go in the finished box to away final decisions on finishing.

My other Sunday Stitch is Up on the Housetop but after stitching on the dark blue fabric last night, I’m feeling like I want a change and Housetop is done on the same dark blue as Tidings of Joy used.  But I’m undecided what Sunday Stitch I would like to start next so will work on Housetop while contemplating my options.  I’ll do a separate blog post with some of the possibilities I have.


Stitching day

Today was a mostly stitching day for me. I’ve been working along on the Christmas Eve start – I’ll take a photo in daylight tomorrow. I will likely set it aside so I can work on some other projects I want to finish up before the end of the year. And since it’s now after midnight here, will pull out one of my Sunday Stitch projects. I may be able to get one more of those finished off quickly.

But let’s do a FCA for the Silent Night Sampler chart. It was one of my Sunday Stitch projects which I started October 10, 2021 and I finished in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Eve Day.. You know what to do, and if you don’t, read the FCA rules which can be found at the top of the blog.


FCA ended 1-1-22 12:05AM — Dottie Newkirk – congratulations!!

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to you all.  May you enjoy the day no matter what you are doing.  It just doesn’t seem that we should already be nearing the end of December.

It will be quiet day here.  Mostly filled with stitching and whatever else I might decide to do.

Here is my progress from yesterday on the Christmas Eve start project called New Years Sampler.


I was concerned my white wasn’t show up when I had done the white under the packages.  I think I’m going to leave that as is but the snowflake I did with two strands instead of one (all the rest is one) and I think that’s what I may do for all the white sections so it shows up better.

The tree is decorated


One last post before I find some lunch and then spend the rest of today stitching.  These are the antique ornaments that have survived.  I had I think three more but over the years they met with accidents (my tree was not on carpet and they hit the tile and …. well it was not a pretty sight.  Note the pink concave one with the burn mark on the lower right.   One of the casualties of those huge tree lights used when I was small that got a bit too hot and the ornament must have been sitting against it – but the other side looks the same minus the burn mark so it still goes on the tree.  Funny how I’m not fond of pink but all except Santa are shades of pink.  At best guesstimate these are over 100 years old.

I put on about a third of the ornaments I have and the tree still looks lovely.  In addition to the vintage ornaments I pulled out all the pinecone, acorn (my two favorite ones to collect), and a few other favorites like the ribbon candy ornaments that remind me of my youth, too, because Santa always left ribbon candy in our Christmas stockings.

And Mrs. Claus (the mail lady) just left a package outside my door from 123Stitch – an excellent Christmas present to me!  Which if I remember right contains a few charts – a Prairie Schooler Santa (the 2021 one which I was missing) and a few others I NEEDED before the no-buy 2022 goes into effect. 🙂

Now to line up my Christmas movie viewing of all the favorites I have to watch every holiday season which meant I had to pull the DVD player from the sewing room tv to hook up to my living room one. Which meant I had to move the box with finished cross stitches in it (after I knocked a stack of stuff on the floor – boy that room is getting messier by the minute!) which got me to thinking – hmmm, maybe I’ll do a bit of framing tomorrow.  We shall see.

Gosh – is 2PM and I still haven’t had anything but coffee.  Now to raid the fridge!!

Christmas Eve Stitching Start Along

NYES - christmas start

For once I didn’t start a Stitch Along prior to the day it was set to start!   But I’m all ready to go and will get started later this afternoon.   I think I’m just going to refer to this as my “Christmas Eve Start” rather than the chart’s name which is New Year Sampler which can be confusing since I have a different project I will be starting on New Year’s Eve.

Anyone is welcome to join Judy and I in stitching along.  Our friend Sheryl is joining in and I think there are several others that were planning to also.   There’s no deadlines, no rules – we simply plan to start on the same day (and you can always start later and join in since this will be an ongoing project around many other projects) but if you haven’t gotten the chart yet – the Owl Forest website shop is closed until Jan 9 for the holidays.

I’m all set to start this afternoon after I put a few more ornaments on the tree.

The fabric I will be using is “Ecru” from “ToDyeForFabrics” on Etsy – my favorite aida dyer.  It’s 18 count and I’ll be using one strand of floss.  The floss is mostly colors I pulled from my Victorian Motto floss stash with two Weeks Dye Works thrown in – the white which is Chalk, and the darker green which is Monkey Grass.  Monkey Grass is my new favorite green – it has some nice variegation.  The two greens I pulled for this are the two I used together in the recent winter deer stitch I did and I really liked them together.

It’s not looking like a typical Wisconsin Christmas today.  It’s dreary and gray (not necessarily unusual) but there’s no snow and it’s mid 40s.  The snow will come soon enough so I’m enjoying the lack of slippery surfaces for as long as it lasts!