Why is counting so hard…..

I did it again.  As I was happily stitching along last night on the Lincoln Sampler I realized I had stitched part of it wrong.  Sigh… and the real kicker was I had already ripped part of that section out once since I had stitched it wrong and restitched it in a different wrong way. LOL    I’m definitely not ripping it back and it won’t matter in the grand scheme of things – only I will know it is different.   Before I pick it up to stitch on again, I need to add some notes to my chart to make sure I mirror the mistake on the other side and then I will work on getting a divider border row done below the area I need to adjust so that I know from that  divider line above, things are off and I shouldn’t count from any motif above to get correct placement.  Sometimes I just make things more difficult for myself but I’m glad I figured it out now when it won’t really matter and can easily deal with it moving forward.  Anyway here’s my progress so far.


It took me a really long time to figure out what is behind the scales of justice – I was going to leave it out if I couldn’t figure out vwhat it was. The main chart image on this is not very clear – it’s printed sort of blurry and small so not even all of that motif looks like it shows up in the image due to the colors. I looked at the chart – still couldn’t tell – but there is a separate image inside the chart in color that is spread across two pages and here I could finally tell it’s a bust of “Justice is Blind”. Part of the problem was the colors in the chart used for that. Her hair and dress are really not white (but a color very similar looking to white and the “skin” area is supposed to be DMC white but there is not a discernable difference between those two colors so it just looked like a white blob. The color for her dress/hair is Mocha Brown Ultra Very Light and DMC white is what is used in the circle area of the ribbon below it – yep looks the same color to me too. 🙂 So I just stitched it with a flesh tone so I can actually tell what it is.

Today will be a stitching or sled assembly or stitching or getting chores done, or stitching or pulling floss for kitting up my Thanksgiving start stitch or St. Nicholas Day stitch (which I still haven’t decided what that one will be). Both my attorneys were going to be out of the office very early for the day so instead of working in the office, I worked from home today till 10:00 and now am punched out for the rest of the day. When I stuck my head out the door to take the photo above in natural light, I decided staying in my jammies and robe might be a good plan for the day. It’s in the 30s today – dark and dreary and was raining a bit earlier and there’s that crispness in the air that feels like we just might see the first snowflake or two of the season before the day is over.

Jammies, comfy quilt, more coffee and my stitching is the majority of my plan for the day.

Sunday Stitch Stitched – Eliza M. Stone 1881

My first Sunday Stitch project was so near completion Sunday night that I finished the last part of the border last night.


Mine is a modified  version of the chart.  It does not include the section with Eliza’s name or her school on it that should go  below the last alphabet.   I had planned to put my Aunt’s name in that area along with her birthday or city /state (which city is not the correct word since it’s an unincorporated little bump in the road where she lives but very pretty with a river running thru).   And as I was trying to decide what information to add for her (and contemplating calling her since I was having a mental block on her middle initial) fate intervened and there was an incident  – yes a soda splotch incident – which caused me to make it a shorter version without that info.  So I added on the last section and changed up the spacing on those words a bit so that I could put her initials at the end of the line.  I love how it turned out and it is such a sweet little thing – just under 6″ square.  Well it might not be truly square but it’s close so I need to check and see if I have a frame that may work for this one.

I have gotten several emails saying how much the commenter liked this stitch and that they were waiting to see if they were ucky enough to get it when I offer it for  chart  adoption.  This one will not be put up for a flash chart adoption- it was a pdf chart purchased with a donation to charity so if you want to stitch it (and it was a most enjoyable stitch so I highly recommend it)  just go to the Whilst Iris Naps website to get it).

So next Sunday I can start on a new Sunday Stitch project.  I was going to do the one that Judy has planned to start next and I still may, or I’m contemplating starting Little Deeds.  But that decision can wait until later this week. 

Sunday November 7, 2021

Gosh the Fall season really seems to be flying by.    It’s a sunny but blustery day here and has been really windy for the whole last week.    Did you remember to change your clocks (if you live in an area where that happens).  It was always confusing when my parents lived in Arizona because where they lived didn’t change so one part of the year they were 1 hr different from me and the other part of the year they were 2 hrs.

progress 11-1-21This morning – a few little chores were done, I’m waiting on a grocery delivery, need to start some laundry, and then I may turn to my Sunday Stitches project after last Sunday and I had changed the letter L in the last alphabet section to be a pink ribbon symbol since this chart is a breast cancer fundraiser.

And here’s the progress I made on the Lincoln Sampler yesterday.  I wanted to get one of he sections of the far left border stitched because I wanted to make sure that the two golden colors in that would show up on my fabric and they do.    And I really like the twisted ribbon.   The light colored area (not white but it looks like that) I’m working on at the top is part of a large  scales of justice motif.


A Start, A Finish, and A WIP

In cross stitch speak, a “finish” is a project you have finished all the stitching on; a “fully finished” in whatever way you choose be it framed, made into a flat fold, a pin pillow, ornament, etc.

My finish for this week is the stitch I’m going to fully finish on the My Favorite Chauffeur book cover.  I just made it up as I went along and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.


I finished that early in the week and picked up a WIP (work in progress) called Merry Noel by With Thy Needle and Thread. 


It as the word NOEL in big letters in the background and then some random snowflake doodads sprinkled across he background.  The bird has a little ribbon tied round his neck which I may just stitch over in a different color – it shows up better in person but still pretty much looks like the bird’s head is not connected to the body.

Then about 11PM on November 4 as I was stitching on Noel it suddenly popped into my head that Nov. 4 was the day I had planned to start stitching the Lincoln Sampler as it was Mary and Abe’s wedding anniversary.  I had all the floss kitted up and grabbed the fabric, which I had purchased a while ago, and thought I’d put just a few stitches in it.


The fabric was some I had ordered from Etsy and came wrapped in a tube.  I had cut off smaller pieces of another color I had ordered from the same dyer and although a bit stiffer than I normally like, it was fine to stitch on.  This piece felt awful.  It felt like it had a plasticy coating on it and when I tried to stitch on it, the holes seemed clogged up and dragged on the floss as I pulled it through.  I looked more closely and could see what I can only assume is starch clogging the holes and that was what was making it feel wierd – way too much starch on it.  Ripped out my few stitches while muttering a few bad words to myself.  Nothing to do but (1) start Lincoln on a different fabric if I had one and (2) run the starchy fabric under water to try to remove the starch and make it useable rather than toss it in the trash (more on that fabric later).

So I had a gorgeous piece of  Fiber on A Whim (Zwiegart base) in the color Brick.   This may be my new favorite color and I definitely need to get more when it comes back in stock.  It’s even a bit darker than showing up  – reminds me of gingerbread cookies.  I may need to change a few floss colors as I go along if they don’t show up enough on this fabric but I think most will work and  some of the colors I had already chosen brighter shades of  to start with although I am mostly using the called for colors.   So on Nov. 4 just as it was midnight, I had stitched the letters E, S and part of N in the word Honest so I followed thru with my November 4 start.  So here’s where I am after working on it again last night.  I started in the center and am working my way over the the left border so I can start working on that.


This fabric is 18 count (rather than the 20 count I had originally planned) so my project’s stitched area will end up being 19.5″ x 20.75″ – definitely a big boy. I have several large projects planned in the not too distant future so none of them will progress real quickly as I’ll be jumping back and forth between them but hope to have them all finished within a year after I start them.   Time will tell if I can stick to that plan.   So I’ll keep working on this one (other than when doing my Sunday Stitch on, well, Sundays of course)  for most of the rest of November — until Thanksgiving (or perhaps Thanksgiving Eve) when I will start another large project, The First Thanksgiving by Twin Peaks Primitives.

I did get all the rest of my stitched sled pieces trimmed to size so will be planning a sled finishing weekend to get them all attached to their sleds.  I just ordered more two-side archival tape to make sure I don’t run out midway thru sled construftion.


So there is my stitching week in review.  

Sunday Stitches Progress on 10-31-21



Here’s where I had left off a week ago on my Sunday Stitches project.

Some of those letters in the the two rows in progress are a bit hard to distinguish what letter they are.  For instance the “Q” – yeah if I saw that letter  out of context with all the other letters I would have no idea what it was.     

Same thing when I got to the letter “L” – I just didn’t like it.


Here’s where I left off last night.  I didn’t get as much stitching time in as I might have liked but I made good progress.

progress 11-1-21

And, I solved the issue with the L that I didn’t like – which looked very similar to a backwards Q.  I ripped it back out and in it’s place stitched the pink ribbon for breast cancer symbol  which looks much more like a cursive “L” than what was in the chart.  Time to get this packed away until next Sunday.

This morning I got 2 or 3 sled pieces all trimmed up.   Not sure what I’ll work on tonight but I have several choices.