Sunday, November 28, 2021

Good grief November is nearly ended – it just flew by and it seems like it only just started.

And it’s Sunday so I need to put aside the First Thanksgiving chart (which needs to go in time out anyway because I’m irritated with it). So many errors in the chart like mirrored images not being the same spacing on one half of the chart as the other, spacing/charting not the same as pictured in the stitched photo, extra stitch symbols that shouldn’t be there, missing stitch symbols – it is just a mess. Everyone makes mistakes, yes even me 🙂 but the list keeps getting longer on this chart of things I need to change as I go along. It has now become my mission to complete this chart despite the fact that the designers have made it difficult to enjoy this stitch.

On a brighter note – here is a finished project and I’m just so pleased that it turned out exactly as I had originally pictured it in my head.  I can’t wait to gift it to “my chauffeur” who is an avid bike rider.


And also a voracious reader so I think it will look good standing up for display on one of her many bookshelves.


I have last thing to fully finish that will be a Christmas gift – the Prairie Schooler santa with snowshoes – not only does she chauffeur and bike – she’s also an avid hiker and snowshoes too so I need to get that small stitch finished into an ornament.  I think I may just do it as a flat (not stuffed) ornament and may work on that later today.

I’ve done mostly fun things all this long weekend so I think it’s time I tossed in a load of laundry and loaded the dishwasher.  And I’ll finally be baking my “thanksgiving” cornish hen today so am already looking forward to dinner.  I did pull the flosses (which I finished organizing last night and now they are all neat and tidy back on their rings alphabetically) for a new project that I want to start when I finish one of the ones already in progress.   The chart is Winter Rose Manor – many people have stitched this and it’s such a pretty chart and has those cardinals I love on it.  

winterrosemanner  I have all except maybe two of the called for colors and will just substitute something from my stash for those and I do have the color called for to stitch the house in (Conch) which was nearly impossible to get all of last year when everyone was stitching this cart and with supply issues but like can  happen with hand dyed flosses, the Conch I have does not look like what is in the photo and is more tannish – so I’m just going to switch that to a color from my stash as well.

And finally – congratulations to Nancy Hager who is the recipient of the chart adoption for Prairie Christmas.

7 comments on “Sunday, November 28, 2021

  1. I love how the book came out, it is wonderful and I think your friend will love it, too. It sounds like there is so much of her in it, perfect. Winter Rose Manor is a very pretty piece, too. Hope it is more fun to work on than the Thanksgiving one!

  2. I love the bicycle finish. It’s great on the book too.I’m always looking for some pretty books to use for a finish.

  3. Love love love the bicycle finish! It’s just so perfect! I love that Winter Rose Manor. I may have to go looking for it…lol. Thanks for the head’s up on the conch color. I ran into that with an old chart too. The old color was a shade of red and the same color now is brown! I’m trying to learn to go with the flow on the colors.

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