Yesterday’s Flash Adoption Winners

The winners have been picked by random number generator for yesterday’s flash adoption and the recipients are: DAMASK – Elaine Wibben ; 14 LINAIDA – Sue Hoover; 18 LINAIDA – Jill Smith. Congratulations ladies and if you email me at with your mailing addresses I will get them out in the mail in the not too distant future.

Since I sorted fabrics yesterday, on to the pattern sorting/organizing today which shouldn’t take long (if I ever get started – I’ve been puttering away the morning since I stayed up late stitching and slept in a bit later), and then to get floss from a couple floss rings for completed projects back into the stash where they belong, and finally to get all the smalls and other finished stitched projects collected in one place so I can find them when I’m ready to do some framing / finishing of those items.  I may possibly do a little framing later tonight too.

DSCN1328If you are a regular reader you will recognize this chart – I used it to make the four little stitches that I put on the wooden colored pencil holder I made as a gift.  I’ve stitched all of the ones I want from this chart so am happy to pass this along to someone else as today’s Flash Chart Adoption (FCA rules are at link at top of blog).

This is one of the re-released reprinted copies so not the original cardstock version but a paper version. 


Updated – Flash Challenge concluded 11-28-21 10:05AM


block 1 And as you can see, yes I folded the chart while stitching from it.  If that bugs you, then you don’t want this chart.  It’s a nice collection of charts for ornaments or pillows or other things but just a word of warning they are not all exactly the same size.  Some are a couple stitches wider or taller than others so if you are making them separately not an issue.  I had to adjust a few things on the four I chose for the pencil box to make sure they all finished the same size.


Lastly – sharing some photos of the last of the new project bag acquisitions I made.



Not a great photo of this one but it’s such a cute dog christmas print and the back is  the gray snowflake print.  It also came with a needle minder made from the gray fabric with a snowflake centered over a covered button base.  


And the other three are all wintery ones.  One is not a vinyl front – I love the fabrics in that patchwork one.  The middle one is a wintery scene (but you can’t see all the other trees, rabbits and deer in the woods on it (this one will hose my deer ornament stitch I’m working on) and of course the cardinals bag is for my red bird stitches.