The sorting……

I got some new storage containers from Fat Quarter Shop last week for some of my cross stitch supplies since the one I was using the handle ripped off of and the large basket that had all my charts in it had leather handles at each end and last time I took it off the shelf, one of those handles pulled right out of the side of the basket too – clearly they were more decorative than functional but I didn’t think about that.   Anyway, I now have a couple containers that fit nicely on the shelves where I store them and I can easily grab and pull out and if I ever empty them 🙂 they are collapsable so easy to store if empty.  Okay and the fact that some of them are red and some are red and white polka dots just makes me happy when I look at them – and will look nice on the shelves which are out in my sewing room and not in a closet.   It’s the little things that make me happy.   

Anyway, as I was moving all my Aida fabric, I pulled out three pieces, purchased because I wanted to try something else other than cotton Aida, but after seeing them in person, I don’t care for them and won’t stitch on them so time for a flash adoption of these three fabric pieces.  Usual Flash Adoption rules for  participation apply (see link in header of blog for those).  Instead of the name of a chart you need to list ONE of the key words below. 


The fabric above is Damask Aida – 18 count – in a very light gray color.  Damask is a cotton/rayon blend. Leave a comment with the word Damask in it if you are interested in that one.


The fabric above is 14 count Linaida –  which is woven like Aida but made of linen.  The color is called Kid Glove – a light off-white sort of color. If you are interested in that one leave 14Linaida in your comment.


Lastly is 18 count Linaida in Tallow White.  If you are interested in this leave 18Linaida in your comment.

Lots of people love these fabrics.  Damask is a Zwiegart fabric and the Linaida is made by Legacy Linens.  to me they have a bit of a sheen to them which I don’t care for and I don’t like the feel of them and prefer 100% cotton.  But if you like stitching on these or want to try one of them, leave a comment for which one is your choice.


19 comments on “The sorting……

  1. Denise, I understand about having some pretty containers to store our things. It makes me happy too. I would be interested in the Damask or the 14Linaida. I haven’t tried this yet but it looks interesting.

  2. I would be interested in any of them. I’m just starting back into cross stitching and want to use the bigger weaves. My eyes cannot see small holes. I have some patterns and need fabric. I would appreciate any of them.

  3. I didn’t use damask or 14 Linaida or 18 Linaida. Sorry I didn’t follow the word rules, so I’m sending again. I can use any of them with my patterns.

  4. I really need to organize. That may be my new year resolution. I would be interested in 18linaida. Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. I hope my previous comments didn’t go through as I would hate to be put in the corner….Wordpress won’t let me post a comment with my old address without using my blog info! Since I’m just getting back into cross-stitching and am a total newbie to anything but Aida to stitch on, I think the Damask would be a lovely fabric to try!

    • LOL – No you were not put in the corner but unfortunately the random picker didn’t select you. If you had ended up in the corner I would have come to visit you there so you wouldn’t be lonely. 🙂

  6. I love the grey color of the Damask Aida by Zweigart and I haven’t tried this fabric before. I think I have the perfect project for this. Thanks for the opportunity! Now to do some organizing myself

  7. I would love the Damask. Recently returned to counted cross stitch. I have begun to sort things in zip lock bags.

  8. I’d love to try the Damask, I mostly stitch on white aida, need to start working with different colors. Thanks!

  9. Darn! Missed the flash adoption….lol Would have liked to try any of the 18 counts. Funny but I was looking at making a small and pulled out a scrap of 14 ct I had and the grid looked huge!…lol I am keeping it around as my son’s fiancé is coming at Christmas and maybe, just maybe she might be interested in trying something and that will make a good one to start on. I like your idea of cute storage containers. Sometimes the smallest things bring joy and if it makes you smile every time you see them then it’s well worth the money!

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