Sled Finishes!!!

The sleds are all finished.   I also have the book cover finish done but it’s currently sitting under something heavy waiting for the glue to dry so I’ll show that tomorrow – I absolutely love the way it turned out.

But here are all the sleds I stitched and finished.   I still have one large sled, one medium sled and four small sleds left in my stash so at some point I can stitch some to keep for myself maybe. 🙂

These are so cute. So much quicker to put together witth the wider double-sided, acid-free tape I had posted about. I also found these great boxes to pack them in and present them as gifts – no wrapping paper needed. Pretty box that doubles as storage box. The ribbons are attached right into the box so you just untie it and the lid just flips up . Each box will get one large sled (which just fits in on the diagonal, and then I think I can get five or six small ones in each around the large sled as well. I plan to take them to work Monday to gift them early so they can be used for this Christmas.


Now I’m headed to the kitchen to start slicing onions and lots of potatoes so I can assembly the Cornish pasty and get it in the oven. I’m cheating and not making my own pie crust. Oh and darn I need to get the rhubarb out of the freezer so I can mix up some rhubarb crisp once the pasty is in the oven. Once that is all baking – quality stitching time will commence for me.

8 comments on “Sled Finishes!!!

  1. What a special gift for your friends. The presentation is as nice as the gifts. Centrist to see your book cover, and the bricks too!

    Thank you for the info on the magnetic cable ties. Got mine and they work much better than clothes pins!

    • Thanks. I like pretty boxes that when you take the ornaments out to put them on the tree, you can just set the box back under the tree as decoration so don’t have to put it back in the closet until the tree comes down.

  2. Your sleds look fabulous! I might have to look into those for next year! Those boxes are wonderful too…I love your idea of putting them under the tree until you have to put them away. Great idea!

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