Happy Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year to post the photo of one of my favorite turkeys — quilted turkey that is.

turkey tracks projects from 100 blocks block

This is what it looked like when I opened my door this morning.


Just a bit of snow had fallen earlier. I was also pleasantly surprised to see an Amazon package sitting on my patio table. It was allegedly delivered Tuesday and according to tracking “handed to person at door” rather than left outside door. Yeah, that didn’t happen since I was working from home that day. And I always know when I get a delivery email and it does NOT include a photo of it sitting outside my door, that they have NOT delivered it to MY address. I did check the usual apt it ends up at and not there. My hope was that it was just sitting outside one of my neighbor’s doors and they weren’t home at the time so it would show up later this week after they discovered it. Or, if some unscrupulous person really did accept the package thinking they had scored some free Amazon stuff they were going to be sorely disappointed to find it was a box of styrofoam bricks to do some stitching finishes on. My Mom and I did have a good laugh about that when I told her about my missing box and what was really in it and how disappointed some thief would be. 🙂 But it must have been at a neighbor’s door because it had a layer of snow on the top of the box and was unopened when I found it on my table so it made its way back to me. So now I can work on that finish I needed the bricks for.


I got a small start last night on my Thanksgiving start – The First Thanksgiving.  I’m stitching it on Fiber on A Whim fabric – 18 count Caramel Macchiato in all the called for Weeks flosses.

The night before last I also started on a small winter stitch  – could be an ornament, could be a little pillow, could be a brick or framed finish – won’t know until I get it done.  It’s from the new Twin Peaks Primitives Ornament Book 2021 with 14 ornament designs in it.   Unlike many ornament books where I only like one or two or three of the collection, I think there’s only one I likely wouldn’t make in this collection – just because I’m not into cutsey penguins.  The rest I will all eventually make.

Here’s the one I started on.


Any guesses as to what it is???  Well if you guessed a deer you are correct!   I love this one.

DSCN1312  The fabric I’m stitching on is not as gray as showing up in the photo – it’s more green with darker specks.  But here’s is what it will look like.  I had a floss ring of colors from a prior stitch that I hadn’t put away yet and the colors on there will work for this so saved some time having to figure out what floss to use.      


My stitchy tip for today if you stitch with a hoop that allows your fabric to sort of loosen up as you stitch and you have to tug at the edges outside the hoop to get it taut again — this tape solved my problem.

No affiliation – heck I have no affiliation with any of the places or things I suggest – they are just products I have found very useful.  It has a peel back paper so is adhesive on one side so you just run it around the outside of your inner hoop and it will adhere to it.  The outer edge is sort of a rubberized feel so it helps grab your fabric and hold it in place extremely well.   I like using squareish or rectangular hoops but they still have rounded corners that tend to gap a bit and this solves that issue perfectly.  I will definitely be putting in on all my hoops.  Okay – that’s my public service announcement for today.

Today – well I just might go get dressed – maybe.   I’m going to save my usual thanksgivng meal (cornish hen and all the fixings) until later this weekend sometime.  Today seems a perfect day to make a favorite fall/winter comfort food – Cornish pasty.  And I need to grab the rhubarb from the freezer – I’m going to mix that with some fresh raspberries and make a Crisp to dollap my Cool Whip on for dessert.   I’m thinking about finishing some sleds now that my wider tape as arrived, may fully finish the Noel stitch now that my foam bricks have found their way to me, and maybe work on the book cover finish for a stitch before I go back to actually stitching.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving no matter what you are doing. And may I just say I’m feeling old and out of touch watching the beginning of the Thanksgiving Day Parade — all those singers and musical acts, I have no clue who they are. LOL   Time to go find some good movies to fill my day.

8 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy thanksgiving to you!
    Wondering if you have a link to the specific tape for your hoops. Sounds like just what I need.

    • I don’t remember where I got it – stitchy store or maybe Amazon but if you search Edmunds Stitchers Hoop Tape you should find sources. Just make sure you get the width you want. I used 1/4″ but they make it wider for quilting hoops as well.

  2. I know what you mean about the parade this morning. In earlier years that was a ‘must see’ on Thanksgiving morning. This year I wasn’t too interested; like you, had no idea who the singers were. The world is passing me by. LOL
    I like your projects. Are you using 2 threads over 2? Love the deer.

  3. That deer stitch is cool.

    I had FedEx send me a text while I was home for lunch last week. The only problem was they were never there and there was no package on my porch. It showed up the next day when I was at the store trying to find out what I needed to do because it wasn’t delivered.

  4. Love your new starts! That bunting on the Thanksgiving piece looks great and I think I’m in love with that deer with the design inside is wonderful! I may have to start searching….lol

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