11-21-21 Sunday Stitching Change and a stitching finish

First off – the stitch I finished last night is Merry Noel by Brenda Gervais.  If I didn’t have the called for color, I changed it to something similar from my stash.  The fabric is the color Fawn from my favorite Etsy dye-to-order place, ToDyeForFabricsNMore.   I am awaiting an order of several colors of aida from her shop I placed earlier this month.  She currently is not accepting new dye-to-order orders until late December so she can get all her current orders out early December – you can check her Etsy shop for complete details if interested.  I’m a repeat customer of that shop and the fabrics are always wonderful.  I stitch mostly on 18 count and it can be hard to find color choices in that count.    Okay – so back to Merry Noel – I love the Fawn color – sort of a light terra cotta.  The stitch is supposed to have little snowflake like doo dadas spread around in the background but after stitching two of them I took them out since you couldn’t see them anyway and decided to leave them off.


Before I put the floss away from this one I will likely go back and over stitch a snowflake like the one on the letter E someplace on each of the other letters.  I wanted to do this as a foam brick finish so had to order some larger ones since the stitched area of this measures about 10″ long and I still need to be able to wrap it around to the sides.

Then after I finished that last night I pulled out my Sunday Stitch.   Last week I had decided my new Sunday Stitch would be Mother and Child.  That plan has changed.


As I was stitching just a bit on it I decided it was not the “relaxing stitch” that I want my Sunday Stitches to be.  It has lots of confetti stitching and it has backstitching  – lots of backstitching.  The backstitching lines that cut across a stitch means they put a small version  of that chart symbol above and below the backstitch line.  Even tho you just do a normal cross stitch – those two symbols and the backstitch line make it event more pesky to read the chart.   I will definitely need to pull out my metal chart holder and use the magnetic strips to keep track of which line I’m stitching on  for this one.  So, it got put away for the time being.  I will work on it but not until after the holidays.  

So I pulled out  Up On The Housetop by Theresa Kogut.    This is going to be a cute little stitch.  The stitched area will only be 5-7/8″ x 7-3/8″.  I’m using 18 count PTP and the color is Mystic – it’s not the called for count (since it calls for linen) but it is the called for color form the chart.  The chart calls for a mix of DMC and Weeks. 


I had the Weeks colors but not DMC so I just subbed in some similar Weeks colors for the rest of the floss and got a little start on it last night.  That little snowman head is so adorable; it’s only about 3/4″ across and 1/2″ tall. 


As you can see I started at the bottom center.  For some reason I prefer to start most things at the   bottom.  Maybe just be different since most people start at the top?  Heck I don’t know but I tend to work bottom up on most, but not all, things.    I also love the needle minder I’m using on this one.  It’s larger than most – 2″ across – so you can really see the graphics on it.  Many of the smaller ones you can’t really tell what the pretty design is on them.

So this is what I’ll be stitching on later this afternoon and then put it away until next Sunday.