All the Thanksgiving holiday supplies

I think I have all supplies for all activities covered for the long Thanksgiving weekend – or I will once my grocery order arrives today with the whipped topping for whatever dessert I might decide I need to make.

My chauffeur saved the day (who you know is also one of my best friends) and she found the last thing I was missing from what I wanted to make for my Thanksgiving dinner.   I had put Cornish hens on my grocery order the last two times and they were out of them.  We had been talking about that and I got a call from her one day this week while she was at the store where she usually shops and that store had Cornish hens so she picked one up for me and I’m all set.   So for the holiday weekend I have lots of sewing room organization planned, pulling out the change of season clothes so I have something to wear now that the weather is getting colder, find those mittens, etc., and of course lots of stitching planned and working on getting some stitching things fully finished.

My stitching plans, starting Thanksgiving Eve (yes I have managed to hold off starting it ahead of schedule so far), is of course The First Thanksgiving.  Judy and I will both be stitching on this one. I pulled fabric for it last night and am waiting for just one floss color to arrive.  It’s charted with DMC and also has a Weeks Dye Works conversion – I’m going to be using Weeks.   My fall project bag is at the ready.  Isn’t that pretty!  It has the same fabric on the back and a little scissors charm on the zipper pull.

first thanksgiving

The fabric is 18 count Fiber on a Whim in the color Caramel Macchiato.  This is going to be a big project and according to the stitch count would end up with a stitched area of 18″ x 18-7/8″.   I plan to make a few changes to the chart.  I plan to NOT stitch the vine outer border.  I want this to be a bit smaller and that will cut the size down to about 16″.  I’m also going to to change the last line of the verse.  As charted it reads:

Heavenly Father, on Thanksgiving Day

We bow our heart to You and pray

We give You thanks for all You’ve done

For joy and health, friends and family.

It totally bugs me that the last line does not rhyme with the line before it.  The first two rhyme and that last line  – while a lovely sentiment – it just throws the whole thing off for me.   So my plan (at least at this moment) is to change it to 

Heavenly Father, on Thanksgiving Day

We bow our heart heads to You and pray

We give You thanks for all You’ve done

For joy and health, friends and family.

Bless us Lord, your faithful ones.

“grateful ones” or “faithful ones” – I’m still dithering between those two but  will figure it out before I need to chart it to stitch.

Last night I was working some more on Merry Noel.   Finished off the “N” and got a start on the “E”.


And another project bag to share that I got to house my Christmas Eve stitch-along that Judy and I will be stitching – Owl Forest Embroidery’s New Year Sampler.  This bag is so gorgeous and the vintage Santa/Christmas look is perfect.   (And unbeknownst to each other,  Judy and I ordered the exact same bag.  I swear she has a hidden camera watching my every move – our likes are very much alike and that happens alot!)  🙂  But what is not to love about this bag.


It has a large poinsettia print on the back and as I was taking photos this morning I noticed that the thread pal (it opens and has flannel on the inside to hold threads or needles – I plan to thread up several needles with some of the different colors so I can just quickly switch between them since this stitch will have a lot of color changes and keep them in the thread pal) – but what I noticed is the snap on the thread pal.  It has a candy canes on it.  Just another lovely little touch from  Dot Dot Goose on Etsy – I do love her bags (and she has a great first name – yes her name is Denise) 🙂

And here’s the back of the thread pal – love that Santa – and the back side of the snap is red.


I also received a couple other bags from various Etsy shops this week to house some of my longer term projects and will show those when I get the projects all kitted and ready to go. I made a mess pulling flosses for some other projects so need to get that tidied today and I got some collapsible/foldable fabric storage boxes to move my charts and maybe x-stitch fabric into that will fit better on my shelf (and one of the handles came off on one of the prior containers I was using – not a good thing) so hope to get that organized one and for all.

I cleaned out the fridge this morning in preparation for my grocery order and may see if I can get the stitching finish I did to mount on the front of a book all put together today.

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  1. Sounds like you are all set. Hope you are able to accomplish all that you have planned. DH and I are having ham for Thanksgiving, I’m the weird one who does not like turkey or pumpkin pie so ham it is and he gets pumpkin pie and I will have something else. Our families are spread out all over the states so we can celebrate on our own and do whatever sounds like fun. I just sandwiched a top to quilt and finish for my son and I have some cross stitch to work on, too. Enjoy your lovely weekend!

  2. The Noel stitch looks wonderful! Those bags are fabulous!! I was bugged by the lack of rhyming on that last line too of your Thanksgiving chart so either one of your substitutions is great! Sounds like you’re all set for Thanksgiving. I still haven’t decided what to do, either order a dinner or make it. My husband and son said either one is fine so I might just order one…first time in I don’t know how long I wouldn’t be making our meal. Now I just need to figure out dessert!

  3. I love the fabric in the project bag. I have to say that I used that fabric or one very similar to make a scrub top back when I was working as an RN on Pediatrics. I am reatired now.

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