2011 Prairie Schooler Santa

I have finished the stitching on the 2011 Santa ornament but made a few changes and confirmed a thought I had about the future Prairie Schooler Santa ornaments I want to stitch.

santa 2011

This one will be a gift  – perfect item for a snowshoeing friend.  I made a few changes.  First I didn’t stitch it in the called for colors.  The charts call for DMC but I was too lazy the other night to go pull them out and the hand dyed floss was sitting right next to my chair.  Plus I wanted to see how they would look in “fancy floss.”  This one is fine but the rest of them that I will make for myself I will use the DMC because I like the more vintage look of that.   Other changes I made are:

  • I added some backstitching around face because my colors were not as bright as called for so his nose sort of disappeared into the background; same with the hand holding the pole so I backstitched both hands.  I also backstitched part of the outline of his arm holding the snowshoes – just to make it show up a bit more since the red  floss shading made this a bit muddled.
  • The bag on his back is supposed to have a bunch of snowballs sticking out of it and there’s supposed to be a single snowball next to his pole on the ground – left those out.  I like that his bag without the snowballs looks more like a backpack.
  • I stitched my snowshoe lacing with long stitches (not short little stitches all the way across) and there were supposed to be just two red x’s among the greens on the pole but I added a bunch of french knots to make lots of red berries there instead.

Now I just have to figure out how I want to finish this one. It was stitched on Vintage County Mocha 18 count so the stitched area ended up about 3″x 4″.