Sunday Stitching – November 14, 2021

We got snow yesterday.  I never really saw it snowing but looked out about 10PM and it apparently had been a very wet snow – not a huge amount – and this morning it is pretty much all gone except little tufts here and here.  I’m not ready for snow yet – not that Mother Nature asked me – so I’m glad it’s gone.  It looks to be a very dark, gray, damp day out today.

Yesterday I couldn’t settle on a stitching project.  I worked on Honest Abe for a while.  I pulled out all my winter holiday type charts try to decide what to do for my St. Nicholas Day start.   When we were little we always  waited for the arrival of St. Nicholas who would sneak up on our porch, ring the door bell, and be gone before we could open the door.  I sort of knew what I wanted to stitch but didn’t find it among my charts.  I wanted to stitch just a small ornament type project  of St. Nicholas – the type of old German St. Nichola wearing a cape sort of garment, the mitre hat and carrying his crozier and I knew I had seen a chart with that image and I knew it was a Prairie Schooler chart (Old World Santas II)  so I went on a search, found it,ordered it, and will start that on St. Nicholas Day – or likely  St. Nicholas Day Eve.

Then I decided to get my floss organized for the Thanksgiving Day start – First Thanksgiving chart – found all those and got them on a ring and chart and floss in project bag.  I just need to make a final decision on fabric but have a couple to choose from.

Worked on a Prairie Schooler Santa ornament that I may use as a Christmas gift for a friend and pulled fabric and thread and put a few stitches in that.

Decided I needed to find a new Sunday Stitches project since I finished the last one.  Pulled a bunch of charts to look thru for those.  Decided on a chart from Heartstring Samplery  – they actually have a series of charts called Sunday Stitches – which are based on lines from Hymns.  I had ordered the fabric called for – Sassy Jacks sells the charts and has the called for fabric in various counts cut to size for the stitch.   So I picked a couple threads to use and decided to do a little stitching on it late last night to see if I liked the colors.  Here’s how far I got.


I decided (1) I hate the fabric. It’s Picture This Plus in the colorway Wren. I know Wren was hard to get for a while and highly sought after but to me this piece just looks like I dumped my can of soda over on the fabric – drab and dirty. And (2) this is a boring stitch to me. I’m not fond of repetitive borders and this one is mostly that. I started in the middle stitching the letters but really wanted to work my way down to where the flower buds are since the floss I’m using for the buds is variegated from purple to blue so I wanted to see how that would looked. But after getting in those sets of buds and starting on the stems and leaves – that’s when I decided I really disliked the fabric and all those leaves along top and bottom – easy stitching but since I didn’t like the fabric I’m not going to waste my time. Too many other things I really want to stitch.


So here’s the image of the chart and I’m offering it as a Flash Chart Adoption. If this chart is your cup of tea (and it would be a pretty quick stitch), Read the FCA Rules by clicking the button at the top of the blog header to make sure you don’t render yourself ineligible. In addition, if you would like to adopt the above piece of 16 court Aida, I’m happy to include it with the chart but you’d need to pick out my stitches because I’m not going to waste my time doing that. 🙂 So if you’d like to receive the fabric if you are chosen, please leave a note to that effect in your comment.


So the search was launched again for a new Sunday Stitches stitch and I finally settled on Mother Child and put a few stitches in that in the wee hours of this morning after winding all the DMC and getting it on some floss tags.



So now I have stacks of charts and fabrics and floss tossed about. Someone really needs to clean that up!